10 Best Instagram Accounts For Self-Care, Motivation & Inspiration

10 Best Instagram Accounts For Self-Care, Motivation & Inspiration

Scrolling through social media has become a daily habit for most of us. Especially when we’re feeling bored, depressed or lacking motivation, we can’t help but turn to it.

This Mental Illness Awareness Week, to help ward off those feelings when we inevitably turn to Instagram, we can fill our feeds with inspiration and positivity! We’ve hand-picked 10 of the best accounts to follow that offer the perfect pick-me-ups, relatable words of wisdom, or much-needed motivation.

If you like what you see, give ‘em a follow! You can also check out our own Insta (@ohhdeer) for a regular helping of self-care, inspiration and all-round wholesomeness.

1. @gemmacorrell

Anxietea Illustration by Gemma Correll
Morel Support Illustration by Gemma Correll

The ever-relatable Gemma Correll fills her feed with positivity. Her instantly-recognisable cartoon style is never afraid to make light of an awkward situation or inspire a little bit of confidence by reminding us that we’re not alone in the problems we face. On top of that, her pun-laden posts will never fail to add a bit of humour to your feed.

2. @letstalkaboutmentalhealth

Pressure anecdote and illustration by Let's Talk About Mental Health
Quote by Let's Talk About Mental Health

There to remind you that you’re never alone, Let’s Talk About Mental Health regularly features user-submitted anecdotes of people who have gone through or are dealing with mental health issues. It’s the perfect place to check out if you want to share your experience or connect with others that may be going through the same thing.

3. @gmf.designs

Take What You Need illustration by gmf.designs
Self-Care day illustration by gmf.designs

Gabby Frost is a mental health advocate who creates the incredible illustrations for this account. Offering encouraging advice and support through illustrations and typography posts, this is an account to follow if you need a boost.

4. @lucialitman

Paint Quote by lucialitman
Motivation quote on dinosaur print by lucialitman

Add a whole lot of colour and inspiration to your Instagram feed by following Lucia Litman! Her feed is filled with relatable and motivational quotes using every colour imaginable, most of which are presented on these incredible paintbrush photos. I would’ve have thought I’d be taking advice from a paintbrush…

5. @theblurtfoundation

Anxiety meme The Blurt Foundation
Mental health awareness meme theblurtfoundation

The Blurt Foundation fully understands depression and curates an incredible selection of posts that relay that understanding. They scour the internet for the most honest and relatable content to fill their Instagram feed. It’s the perfect account to follow for regular top-ups of self-love, motivation and reminders that you’re never alone.

This month, Papergang has partnered with the Blurt Foundation to help raise money for people living with depression. To help support them and also receive some incredible stationery, head over to Papergang and sign up now!

6. @janellesilver

Comfort Zone illustration by @janellesilver
Self-Care cake mix by @janellesilver

Janelle creates bright and colourful reminders to love and look after yourself. Her always-positive posts are perfect to have on hand if you need a pick-me-up. Check out her Instagram for loads of funky, relatable illustrations and much-needed motivation.

7. @lizharrydesign

Self-Care and motivation designed accessories by @lizharrydesign
Inspirational and motivational quote by @lizharrydesign

Creating illustrations and lettering that features throughout her feed and as pins and patches, @lizharrydesign is the place to go for motivation and self-care messages! All of her designs are packed with incredible colours and feelings of empowerment, created in a groovy style that’ll stand out in your feed.

8. @blessingmanifesting

Motivational and inspirational meme illustrated by @blessingmanifesting
Self-care cat meme illustrated by @blessingmanifesting

If you like a post with meaning, @blessingmanifesting is the perfect Insta to follow. Her posts often carry a message of self-care and self-love, usually attached to a colourful and cute illustration! For regular top-ups of motivation, this is the account to check out.

9. @selfcare4yu

Motivational typography design by @selfcare4yu
Reminder to de-stress designed by @selfcare4yu2

If your looking for daily reminders of encouragement and positivity, @selfcare4yu is the account for you. The colourful typography posts are the best way to break up your feed and will bring you all the advice you’ll ever need. If they can say it to you, it must be true!

10. @jessrachelsharp

Motivational quote by @jessrachelsharp
Motivational and inspirational quote by @jessrachelsharp

Add some elegance and positivity to your feed with @jessrachelsharp. Jess delivers sincere reminders of positivity and advice for taking care of your mental health through her beautifully illustrated posts and nature photography. Her serene colour palette will add subtle elegance to any feed!

You can follow us for even more motivation and self-care content over on @ohhdeer. Spread the support this Mental Illness Awareness Week!

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