11 Feel-Good Instagram Accounts To Fill You With Happiness

11 Feel-Good Instagram Accounts To Fill You With Happiness

Things are a little strange right now, and it can be difficult to remain positive when times get tough. Here at Ohh Deer, we’re firm believers in surrounding yourself with as much positivity as possible. So here are some accounts to follow to make your feed a bit of a happier place to be!


You can follow us @ohhdeer where we’ll be featuring nothing but the best feel-good posts and you should also check out @artfulbox where we’re posting daily drawing challenges to keep you busy and creative.




If you need a furry friend to keep you company, have a browse of Woof Woof TV. You might be able to guess from the name that it’s full of pictures of the cutest fur babies!




Ingrid’s account is a source of joy for us all. Not only does she share pictures that are full of colour, but Ingrid also shares the odd motivational quote from time-to-time - sure to be most welcome around this time!



Maybe you’re just looking for a little giggle? Andrés’ account is the place to go. He sees his posts as a virtual hug that tickles at the same time, and we couldn’t agree more! If you’re keen for adorable comments and cute puns, check it out.




If you’re already bored of being stuck inside, this account might just relieve some of that travel-restricted tension. Or it might make you really jealous of the lady who travels the world with her gorgeous cat. Who knows?




Lilly’s account is the place to be if you’re after some colour in your life. Her illustrations radiate positivity! She is also a co-host of a podcast if you’re more into listening than looking.




This account is full of the top tips and tricks for females (and everyone else) in the workplace. They’ve also been sharing some wonderful tips on how to cope through the current climate. They’re definitely worth a look!




If you’re looking for something to make you smile, this happy little doggo ‘Otto’ is sure to make that happen. Just look at his face!




Creating simple yet witty illustrations, Chris from Safely Endangered’s account is the perfect place to go if you fancy a little bit of light entertainment. We also have a range of cards with Chris, check them out here.





Love your art and your animals? Princess Cheeto is the one for you! Modern Cat Magazine called Cheeto “The Coolest Cat On The Internet” so you know it’s true.





The Happy Newspaper is a quarterly newspaper which shares positive news and wonderful people. Their Instagram account is simply an extension of this positivity and well worth checking out.




Maybe you’re not into dogs or cats, that’s okay. We cater for all. Check out this farm for rescue animals and their wonderful pigs Prissy & Pop. The perfect account for some feel-good follows.

If this hasn’t cheered you up or you might be struggling in this strange time we’re all facing, head over to the Mental Health Foundation which is full of advice that might help.


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