The 25 Best Films of 2017

The 25 Best Films of 2017

Hello and welcome to our very first annual breakdown of the best films released in the UK this year. You may have seen our list of the 50 best TV shows yesterday. We’re hoping to turn this into a yearly end of year tradition for both mediums. Unlike with the small-screen, our big-screen list is going to be narrowed down to just 25. This we feel is a better reflection of the ever-evolving relationship between the two entertainment juggernauts. There is simply a larger quantity of stand out TV shows every year than films.

However, that’s not to say the film industry is dead - as many people seem to be speculating. Cinemas are still alive and well with 2017 boasting some of the greatest films released this century. We have been treated to a modern Science Fiction classic, a mind-bending, sure to never be repeated, horror experience. A rapturous Hollywood musical and a whole host of other brilliant films in one of the industry’s greatest years since the turn of the century. Anyway, I think that’s enough of an intro. Let’s get into what you’ve all been waiting for. The very first Ohh Deer best films of the year list.

HONOURABLE MENTION, The Autopsy of Jane Doe

25) The Red Turtle

24) The Death of Stalin

23) Personal Shopper

22) Gerald’s Game

21) It Comes at Night

20) Logan

19) Thor: Ragnarok

18) Jackie

17) Manchester by the Sea

16) War for the Planet of the Apes

15) On Body and Soul

14) It

13) Raw

12) Paddington 2

11) Good Time

10) Wind River

9) Dunkirk

8) Call Me by Your Name

7) Get Out

6) Moonlight

5) The Handmaiden

4) Mother!

3) Blade Runner 2049

2) La La Land

1) The Florida Project

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