This week over on the Ohh Deer instagram, the wonderful illustrator Natasha Durley showed us the inside and outs of her creative day! Natasha is this month’s Papergang creative, so don’t forget to subscribe to her box! See what Natasha gets up below…

Natasha Durley - Studio 2.jpg
Natasha Durley - Bike.jpg

9:00 am

Hiya, @natashadurley here! My typical day starts with a beachfront morning commute, I can't complain - although the seat of my bike is stuck on the lowest setting which isn't great. I love living by the sea and seeing this beautiful beach as I cycle to the studio. Thanks Bournemouth.

Natasha Durley - Studio 1.jpg

10:30 am

So here's my desk space in sunny Bournemouth. Yes, I may have tidied up before this photo. My cacti isn't usually near my pens and pencils (never a safe idea) but he wanted to be in the photo and I'm not one to argue. My favourite desk buddy is probably my cute little lamp from habitat. It's such a dude!

Natasha Durley - Cut Outs.jpg

12:30 pm

Quite a lot of my process is done on the computer but I really enjoy the parts that get me away from my desk. I love the quirky look of paper cuts so after planning my shapes I hand cut everything before finally scanning them all in. I'm not going to lie, this may be done whilst watching something on Netflix!

Natasha Durley - Textures.jpg

3:30 pm

Another thing that I really enjoy and helps drag me away from the computer is making textures. Some of my textures come from old books I've found in charity shops but I make a lot myself.

Natasha Durley - Tools.jpg

4:00 pm

So here are my most used tools, minus my wacom pen. Most of my textures are made with charcoal but I also use my brush pen, pencils, fine liners and just about anything that makes an interesting mark. I love my little craft scissors which are great when things get fiddly.

Natasha Durley - Books.jpg

6:00 pm

So I thought I'd leave you with some books I love...⠀

  • Jahreszeiten by #blexbolex, All I Have Learned and Forgotten Again by #JockumNordstrum, A handbook of modern life by #HumphreyOcean, Etchings & Lithographs by David Hockney and The Circus by Brian Wildsmith, are all artists I admire. ⠀

  • Birds of Heathland and Marshland by Spring Books, The Sea by Life and The Question and Answer Book of Everyday Science by Random House are all charity shop buys but are full of great images and textures. The Question and Answer Book is an illustrated book answering kid questions like, what makes the wind blow and why is the sky blue. Perfect for curious children.⠀

  • Some publications I love to curl up on the sofa with are @apartmentomagazine, @anotherescape and @itsnicethat. And last but not least, a great one for anyone who loves Kids books is Children's Picturebooks by Martin Salisbury and Morag Styles.⠀

Okay that's me done for the day. Thank's so much for the takeover @ohhdeer!

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