Christmas Gift Guide: Plant Lovers

Christmas Gift Guide: Plant Lovers

Got a green-fingered pal that needs a gift this Christmas? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up our best plant-themed products to give you some inspiration this holiday season.

a guide to pairing herbs with food tea towel.jpg

Pairing Herbs Tea Towel

Knowing what compliments what can confuse even the most well-seasoned of chefs. Whether you have a few jars of dried leaves, or a veritable home Herbarium, this guide covers over 1,800 possible herb & food combinations, containing all the sage advice you’ll ever need.

California flora poppies mug

California Flora Poppies Mug

This sunny colour palette will help you rise and shine on those dark and dingy mornings. Each mug is made with bone china to create a stable but thin ceramic.

Clara Jungle Notebook.jpg

Urban Outfitters x Ohh Deer Clara Jungle Notebook

Ohh Deer have collaborated with Urban Outfitters to create this linen notebook. We've taken inspiration from the Daily Journal to create this slender sister that doesn't weigh as much but has just as much punch! Write, doodle away and scrawl in this wonderful linen covered notebook sized at A5 with white text. It also comes with a purple ribbon bookmark so you can easily find your last daily log.

grow it succulents.jpg

Grow It Succulents

Ever wanted a big succulent family to call your own, but just couldn't bring yourself to part with that much cash? Well here is the next best option: raise your own! This kit from Gift Republic has everything you need to become a plant parent!

leaves pin set.jpg

Leaves Pin Set

Look at these cutey patooty pins! A great gift for a botanical fan. Or you can buy them all and cover yourself in them for an effective camo look.

lving with plants book.jpg

Living With Plants Guide

This book is brimming with info on plant varieties and families, how to style your home with the help of our green friends on a budget, as well as what essential tools you'll need. Sophie Lee also covers plant care and how to build your seedlings into strong healthy adults - from propagation and cuttings, to watering and potting, to recognising early signs of plant trouble and how to prevent them!

Monstera Watercolour Daily Journal.jpg

Urban Outfitters x Ohh Deer Monstera Watercolour Daily Journal

Ohh Deer and Urban Outfitters have joined forces to bring you this beautiful Monstera daily journal. A modern twist on a classic, This journal has 380 pages, allowing you to make an entry everyday for over a year. A great way to stay organised and even gives you a little room to doodle when you're bored in your next meeting. It also comes with a mauve ribbon bookmark so you can find your last daily log.

Parsley, sage and fuck off oven mitt.jpg

Parsley, Sage & Fuck Off Oven Mitt

(I think) this message has been approved by Simon and Garfunkel. Super-insulated. Open up the oven in style with the perfect plant lover oven mitt.

pink flowers planter.jpg

Pink Flowers Planter

Chloe Hall has created us this gorgeous little planter, ready and waiting to look after a little plant of yours! Just pop a bit of chunky grit at the bottom for drainage and then fill it with soil and a plant of your choice! Each planter has been carefully hand painted and will look beaut on your desk or windowsill, providing you a little bit of happiness every time you take a peek

proud plant mom shopper.jpg

Proud Plant Mom Shopper

Plants can have moms too! They need loving and caring just as much as any child. Well, sort of... Show your love for our green friends wherever you go with this bag for life.

saguaro long drinking glasses.jpg

Saguaro long drinking glasses

These trendy drinking glasses can be stacked up to create the iconic saguaro cactus when not in use. The long green glasses are perfectly suited to holding water, soft drinks or cocktails.

Sonora ceramic juicer.jpg

Sonora Ceramic Juicer

This botanical themed juicer is ideal for a lil' gift or a treat for your kitchen! Just plonk an orange on the ceramic cactus for fresh orange juice, or maybe you can juice a lemon for those Friday afternoon cocktails?

summertime garden cushion.jpg

Summertime Garden Cushion

Why not be bold and colourful with this contemporary floral cushion from Lee Foster-Wilson? It's going to brighten up your home and add some real personality. Lee entered our annual Pillow Fight competition and was one of our winners!

tropical green travel laundry bag.jpg

Tropical Green Travel Laundry Bag

This cotton travel laundry bag is shaped as a “Tropical Green leaf”. It is a very handy travel mate thanks to its perfect hand-luggage size. Pack it flat and feed it with your dirty clothes during your trip. Back home, you can empty the leaf directly to the washing machine and even clean your travel bag together with your dirty clothes.

tropical plants art print.jpg

Tropical Plants Art Print

This exotic vintage artwork has been printed onto large format cream textured paper and when framed adds detail to any room and not to mention a perfect affordable quirky gift!

Marzia Fun In The Sun Stickers.jpg

Ohh Deer x Marzia Fun In The Sun Stickers

Each pack of stickers consists of 4 sheets that combine botanicals and beach adventures with a Miami pastel-inspired vibe, creating beautifully subtle colourways. So, get ready to adorn your bullet journals, notebooks, and school jotters in glorious STICKERS! Part of our delicious Ohh Deer x Marzia range!

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