Italian artist, Luca Boffi, is the incredible talent behind Alberonero and is also a master of murals who uses bright blocks with colourful palettes to create a jaw-dropping shifting gradient that brings buildings to life.

Colour block gradient mural

Luca forms his mind-boggling murals on walls of buildings all around the world. By using these shifting colours, he creates an awe inspiring hue across the building that instils a unique sense of movement within his designs. We’ve compiled together a collection of some of his most mind-boggling work so you can see for yourself.

colour wall mural
colour block house
block colour wall mural
crazy colour block mural pattern
house with a lid mural
trippy colourful mural

You can discover more of these amazing murals and see what Alberonero’s working on at the minute over on his Insatgram @alberonero_

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