Jacqueline Colley’s unique style of clever compositions and harmonious tones are instantly recognisable in this month’s Papergang box.

Often taking inspiration from her trips abroad, Jacqueline is back again with yet another incredible edition of Papergang, this time featuring the classic icons of New York City!


Hey Jacqueline, I know this isn’t your first rodeo with us; you were also the designer behind January 2018’s Papergang – we hope you’ve been doing well! Would you say your art style or creative process has changed much since then?

Hey Ohh Deer Crew! Since our last collaboration I’ve been challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone, drawing new subject matter and taking courses to generate new work. Everyone is different but for me the creative process is about learning and exploring, though my style is inherently the same, working in a new medium or adapting my drawings for a printing technique mixes this up and hopefully keeps things fresh!

“At the moment I’m trying to find more balance; getting out from under my desk and into the world to find inspiration!”

You’ve been creating incredible illustrations for years now, could you share any tips for keeping the motivation flowing?

Funny you should ask as I’ve been having a few weeks of finding it very hard to get in the ‘flow.’ So, at the moment I’m trying to find more balance; getting out from under my desk and into the world to find inspiration!

I recently took a craft course which was good, I also often find that ideas come when you’re doing a mundane task or on the bus looking out into the world. Then it’s about getting those rough ideas down on paper. I’ll often start out with just a written note to myself then the idea percolates and I’ll sketch it out rough on a scrap of paper. After that it’s about motivating myself to turn that rough sketch into a finished piece. I feel like Instagram helps me with that as I want to regularly publish new work on there, so that’s quite motivational!


What kind of creative environment do you usually work in – do you prefer messy or neat?

Looking at my desk now, I’d say messy! Though my studio is tidy, my desk is littered with scraps of paper, to do lists and lots of those sketches of ideas that are waiting to be developed. Also, riso colour card swatches, pens, camera, diary, more pens, etc etc! So, I guess I’m a bit messy and a bit tidy.


Your designs for this month’s Papergang obviously have a very clear focus. What was it that drew you to the Big Apple?

When you guys got in touch about working together on another box it felt like a natural subject matter. Our previous box was inspired by a trip I made to California and Palm Springs. Having visited New York and the East Coast last year, I was wanting to respond to that trip with some illustrations, but I hadn’t figured out what. What’s great about designing for the Papergang boxes is that you have products to think about so, suddenly, it’s much easier to make decisions about scale, colour or subject matter!

“When I think about New York, my mind instantly goes to movies like Independence Day, King Kong, and Godzilla.”

What’s your favourite thing from this month’s box?

The wrapping paper! I was thinking about the concept for this pattern for such a long time and when I think about New York, my mind instantly goes to movies like Independence Day, King Kong, and Godzilla. It was super fun to include all those pop culture references in one bonkers pattern!


The last time we spoke, you mentioned that winning the Mollie Makes ‘Best Illustrator’ award in 2017 was one of the most rewarding moments of your career. Has anything managed to top that?

Ooh that’s tricky, I’m pretty sure that’s still up there and hard to beat! I was very lucky last year though and got to go on a trip to see the Caran d’ Ache factory in Geneva; the pure smell of pencil crayons was utterly intoxicating, so that’s a new highlight!

And finally, are Red Pandas still your favourite animal?

Hahaha! Where are we on getting them domesticated? My name will be at the top of the list for a Red Panda Pet! *Opens a new tab to watch red panda videos on you tube*

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us again, Jacqueline!

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Twitter: @jacquelinecolls

Instagram: @jacquelinecolley

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