£100 worth of socks: Competition winner announcement

Last month we, the sock fairies at Put A Sock In It, announced a competition where you could win £100 worth of socks simply by tagging a friend in our post.

Did you get a chance to enter?

We're not talking about £100 worth of boring office socks. Who's in the office now, anyway? We're talking absolutely off the wall beer socks, cactus socks and ramen socks. Socks that look like anything but socks.

Butt socks

I was delighted to see that people out there are as crazy about socks as we are (if not more).

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Check out the bottom of this article for some more of our favourite comments from some absolute sock-heads.

And while we’re talking I should remind you to sign up to get an early bird discount for our brand new monthly sock subscription, only a few days left!

We had all sorts of enlightening suggestions, including something that everyone in our office is now talking about: Sockret Santa. How could we best make sockret Santa work? @bethclowes we need to develop this idea more it’s absolutely genius.

So, 4,000 entries later a winner was chosen at random by our Head of Random Ernie Schmelufflesnen. Some say the letters for his surname were, indeed, chosen at random.

“It’s a hard job being this random.” - Ernie Schmelufflesnen, Head of Random

And the winner of the £100 sock competition is… 🎉 @flowwebster 🎉

Congratulations @flowwebster. I’m delighted for you, and I can’t wait to see what sort of shenanigans you and your bounty of socks get up to.

If you weren't socksessful in this competition then fear not because there are still some more early bird discount opportunities available for the next couple of days.

Sign up for the earlybird discount while you still have the chance to become part of the Put A Sock In It crew. In just a week or so you'll be able to wake up each month to a fresh foot-friend on your doorstep. We recommend you stick the kettle on, slip on some socks and spend all day off your feet.

Can’t wait to meet you all!

Sam Sockington

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