5 Ideas For Avoiding Boredom During Lockdown

Although a sense of normality is resuming to life, it is likely that a lot of us are still at home for a large amount of our days. And how do you pass the time? We have a few ideas for you…

Lockdown Ideas

Work on That Movie List

If ever there’s an excuse to binge watch all of those movies you’ve had on your To Watch list, now is the time. And to make it easier, this Movie Bucket List poster is a great way to scratch off the movies once you've watched them - satisfying! More of a book lover than a movie buff? We’ve got you covered with our Books Bucket List Poster.

Movie Poster.jpg

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Find a Use for All of Your Odd Socks

If you’re guilty of having lots of odd socks lying around your house, raise your hand… We are guessing that you raised your hand. And the perfect solution? Make a Sock Monkey! This kit comes with everything you need to make your first ever sock monkey, and once you’ve completed it, you can simply get started on all of those odd socks that you have lying around!

Sock Monkey.jpg

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Get Boozy by Growing Your Own

There’s no shame in kicking back and having a glass of prosecco or two, but if you want to add more oomph to the experience - why not make your own! This Grow Your Own Prosecco kit has all of the necessary items and instructions that you need to get started. We would advise - you may want to follow the instructions before your fifth glass!

Prosecco Kit.jpg

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Learn How to Embroider

When we say embroidery, we don’t mean the fiddly, old fashioned type that your nan has on her curtains. We mean modern embroidery - with funky colours and beautiful contemporary designs. Cotton Clara’s kits are a great way to learn, with step by step instructions for even the least arty of folks.

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Time to Get Arty

Unleash your creativity during lockdown by subscribing to our Artful Subscription boxes. They are a great way to try new things, with premium tools and supplies in each one. Plus, it will bring a bit of excitement to lockdown - as every box is a surprise!

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And there we have it, 5 great ways to keep busy during lockdown. You can also browse our other Lockdown gift ideas here. Tried any of the above? Take a photo and tag us on Instagram @ohhdeer

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