Sock Draw Announcement

Sock Draw Announcement

A challenge hosted by Put a Sock In It, Sock Draw saw us drawing our best sock designs, with a chance to become one of the official licensed designers for Put a Sock In It.

Our top sock-nerds (or, our ‘lovely Ohh Deer design team’ as they prefer to be called) have fervently gone through all submissions and have three licences ready to sling over to their favourites.

If the idea of receiving a brand new arty pair of socks each month appeals to you, you should see what designs are up for grabs over at Put a Sock In It.

Loads of you got involved, which meant our team had an extended time working through an absolute barrage of socks and had the incredibly tough decision to choose their favourite three - there were so many great ones: you talented lot, you!

So, without further ado, it's now time to announce the top three submissions...

*drum roll, puh-lease*


Tah-dah! One of the favourites chosen is this whale-y cool design by @lemonni - we love the game-esque graphic, such fun! You can almost imagine playing as the whale, and your job is to swim around eating as many submarines as you can.

High score: Me.

Our first favourite Sock Drawing. Designed by @lemonni . 

Our first favourite Sock Drawing. Designed by @lemonni .


Another favourite comes from @carmen.shalulia with their sweet speckled sockies - look at that lil’ face! Who wouldn't want these smiling sillies adorning their feet? Added bonus in the fact that fluff or paint splatter on your socks will actually just augment the whole experience.

Our next favourite Sock Drawing. Designed by @carmen.shalulia.

Our next favourite Sock Drawing. Designed by @carmen.shalulia.


And finally we have this bold statement. A happy graffiti design submitted by @paulina_adamowska. An explosion of emotion and energy, which are the two words I’d use to describe last week. And not in a good way.

Another favourite Sock Drawing. Designed by @paulina_adamowska.

Another favourite Sock Drawing. Designed by @paulina_adamowska.

We will be working with the artists to make these delightful designs into real-life socks. And we can’t wait to get them into Put a Sock In It boxes and onto our toes!

Put a Sock In It is an exciting new subscription box delivering awesome socks through your door each month. It’s the brain-child of the design team at Ohh Deer, where showcasing the talent of independent artists & illustrators across various products is our mission, and now we’ve branched off into the world of socks. Each month brings you two sock styles to choose from, which follow a theme: either patterned or illustrated... or, if you can’t decide on one: both!

Thanks to everyone who has shared their art with us, we’ve really enjoyed peeking into your creative brains and have had so much fun looking through all of the creations.

By the way, we were speaking with the design team just yesterday and they were so overwhelmed by all the submissions they’re trying to figure out if they can get hold of more licences to award. So, if you haven’t been picked out yet, don’t lose hope.

You can still search through the #sockdrawsubmission and tell us about your favourite designs!

Until next time,

Laura & Sam - the Sock Goblins.

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