Customise your Artful subscription

Customise your Artful subscription

Choose the box you want, everytime.

That’s right!

From now on if you do not fancy the upcoming box you can switch it for one of our previous boxes.

We will reveal the new theme 2 - 3 weeks before it is released alongside a variety of options you can swap it for.

It might be that you really wanted to try Lino but missed it originally. Or you might like another crack at Watercolour. Whatever the reason you no longer have to accept the upcoming theme.

To swap, simply check out the options below and complete the form by the *30th November so we can make sure you get the kit you prefer.

*We are making the option available now but do not worry, we will reveal all in regards to the December theme on Friday the 12th of November. So, if you would rather wait to find out what the theme is going to be before making a decision that’s the beauty of the plan, you make the rules!

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