A peek into September’s Artful box

Step into pastures new

Artful is a quarterly art box that’s created for artists by artists and it’s time to prepare for a new season. Possibly our favourite season. It’s pastel season.

Each edition of Artful is packed with professional tools that won’t limit the experienced artist, and accompanied with a magazine that will guide anyone of any skill level through the key principles of the art.

We’re proud to announce our latest affixion with soft pastels. Our newest box contains a collection of premium soft pastels, brushes and advanced resources worth £100. Scroll to the bottom for a full breakdown of the contents. The soft pastel box is available from September.

Contents of the box

Set of 24 Artful Soft Pastels

RRP £39.95

An incredibly vibrant set of premium quality soft pastels.

High pigmentation.

We have selected a full spectrum of colours to maximise outcomes.

Fully blendable - allowing you to create a whole host of different shades by mixing colours together.

Set of 6 Artful Soft Pastel Pencils

RRP £11.95

Black, Red, Yellow, White, Grey & Blue.

A more precise way to apply pastel to the page.

A selection of colours which should give you a variety of ways to embellish your work.

Use white to apply highlights and of course black and the darker colours for outlines and focussed shading.

Artful Putty Rubber

RRP £1.25

You can mould this to a fine point or a specific shape in order to effectively erase tiny details.

Pick out highlights or simply use it to erase a mistake... we all make them.

Artful 4H Pencil

RRP £2.40

Another hard pencil to add to your collection. Ideal for putting down faint linework to begin your pastel artwork.

Artful Mixed Media Paper

RRP £19.95

25 sheets of A4 300gsm acid free, premium heavyweight mixed media paper.

Suitable for soft pastels, oil pastels, pencil, pen, watercolour, ink & calligraphy.

4 x Artful Blank Greeting Cards & Envelopes

RRP £4

280gsm uncoated Fedrigoni board suitable for wet and dry media. Slight texture + kraft envelopes.

Artful 11 Filbert Brush

RRP £10.95

A beautiful brush with rounded edges. This can be used to apply crushed pigment, remove dust and for blending.

Set of 3 Artful Paper Stumps

RRP £1.50

Use to blend pigment together. They can be cleaned by sharpening or with sand paper.


RRP £7.95

Over 100 pages of interviews, tutorials and inspiration.


Soft pastels are the dreamiest medium to work with if you’re all about softness and gentleness.

You can take things a step further with the included putty rubber to remove marks in unwanted places, allowing you to harness and control light and shade.

The included brushes allow you to remove dust and start making gentle blends in your work, enabling great control over colour blending, gradients and composition.


All of the above is detailed in the magazine along with heaps of interviews with our key soft pastel inspirations, walkthroughs from the experts on how to create specific images and, most essentially, a thorough introduction to soft pastels, their fundamental principles and top tips.

Upgrade Box

If you’re looking for great gift ideas and cards then be sure to visit our shop at ohhdeer.com.

If soft pastels are totally your cup of tea, then you can supercharge your subscription and go for the upgrade box.

Available to pre-order now and shipping begins in September.

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