A peek into June’s Artful box

A peek into June’s Artful box

Welcome to Summer

Artful is a quarterly stationery box that’s created for artists by artists and it’s time to prepare for a new season. A hot season. A wet season.

Each edition of Artful is packed with professional tools that won’t limit the experienced artist, and accompanied with a magazine that will guide anyone of any skill level through the key principles of the art.

We’re splash landing into summer with watercolours with a collection of premium brushes, vibrant pans and advanced resources worth over £120. Scroll to the bottom of this article for a full breakdown of the contents. The watercolour box is available from June.


Watercolours require a little more restraint than our previous styles, as less is more. The medium favours light and bright spots in your composition, so there’s a real art behind adding only what is necessary to the page.

You can take things a step further with the included hydrophobic masking fluid to protect areas of the page. Once you’re done with the masking fluid you can peel it off to reveal crisp detailed lines.

The included pipette allows you to place clear water onto a page before feeding small amounts of colour into it for advanced gradient effects.


All of the above is detailed in the magazine along with heaps of interviews with our key watercolour inspirations, walkthroughs from the experts on how to create specific images and, most essentially, a thorough introduction to watercolour, its fundamental principles and top tips.

Contents of the box

Set of 24 Artful Watercolour Half Pans

RRP £49.95

A well balanced set of colours using premium quality pigments in the following colours:

Lemon Yellow, Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Orange, Red, Cadmium Red, Rose Red, Magenta, Violet, Paynes Grey, Coal Black, Titanium White, Turquoise, Sea Blue, Cobalt Blue, Prussian Blue, Emerald Green, Hookers Green, Tree Green, Olive Green, Yellow Ochre, Umber, Burnt Sienna & Brown.

The set comes in a transportable tin. The lid opens out to provide several areas which can be used to mix colours.

Exclusive to Artful

Daler Rowney 29.5ml Masking Fluid

RRP £3.25

The product dries creating a waterproof barrier to stop paint from reaching the paper. It can be removed by peeling it off or rubbing it.

It can be applied with a brush. After use, clean your brush with soapy water.

Do not apply this to damp paper.

Artful F Pencil

RRP £0.95

The perfect hard pencil for putting down faint linework to begin your painting.


RRP £0.50

Fill with a mixed colour to create interesting effects. It can also be filled with water and dropped onto a painted area to help with blending.

5 x Artful Brushes

Total RRP £42.30

Our premium brushes have synthetic fibres and produce pin sharp detail.

1 Detail Round

RRP £5.95

For small scale work or finer details within your piece. Pointed for super fine detail.

4 & 5 Pointed Round

RRP £6.50 / £6.95

For medium scale work, the point can be used for finer detail at this scale.

14 Flat

RRP £14.95

Use this for larger washes and blocking things out quickly.

6 Angle

RRP £6.50

Designed to give you more control when creating straight lines vs a rounded brush.

Artful Watercolour Paper

RRP £19.95

25 sheets of A4 330gsm acid free, premium heavyweight watercolour paper. Suitable for pencil, pen, watercolour, ink, calligraphy & pastels.

4 x Artful Blank Greeting Cards & Envelopes

RRP £4

280gsm uncoated Fedrigoni board suitable for wet and dry media. Slight texture & kraft envelopes.

Artful magazine

RRP £7.95

Over 100 pages of interviews, tutorials and inspiration.

For those interested, here are the Lightfast Ratings for our watercolours

Rating 5: Yellow

Rating 6: Paynes Grey, Olive Green, Prussian Blue

Rating 7: Lemon Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Violet, Sea Blue, Emerald Green

Rating 8: The majority are 8's, the ones that aren't:

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