Sainsbury's Valentine's Day 2022 - The Chosen Designs!

Sainsbury's Valentine's Day 2022 - The Chosen Designs!

Challenge now closed - If you’re looking for great gift ideas and cards then be sure to visit our shop at

We challenged you to come up with your best designs for Valentine’s cards, and you did not disappoint.

Thousands took part and we had a hard job - a delightful, but hard job - of creating a shortlist and ultimately a final list of cards that Sainsbury’s will be able to display on their shelves next year in time for Valentine’s Day 2022.

It was amazing to see the sheer volume of creativity and humour that came our way, and every design that hasn’t been used by us is another fantastic design that’s been put into the world. You can browse all the designs by visiting our submission Instagram page and tapping on the tagged tab.

Without further delay I proudly present to you the wall of fabulous designs that have made the final 42. Chosen and certified to be printed and placed on the plinth of Sainsbury’s shelves.

So what do you think?

It took a long time to sort through the designs, come to an agreement on the shortlist, and ultimately arrange for each designer to be awarded a license that’s suitable for them.

The fun doesn’t stop there. We’re doing the same again for Father’s day 2022, and are open for submissions now! We see every design and consider them all, so if you haven’t yet submitted, add some finishing touches and post it to your Insta grid. Once you’ve tagged us we’ll be able to see it!

Thank you so much everyone for taking part so far, we are so looking forward to seeing these cards become real!

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