Top 10 Father's day cards

Top 10 Father's day cards

It’s almost Father’s day! (Yay) Which means its time to get him a card that shows him how awesome he really is. Ohh Deer has a range of cards designed by independent artists that are as unique as your dad!

A top-secret meeting of the dad’s at Ohh Deer HQ has revealed our top 10 cards for this Father’s day.
* Queue drumroll *

1) Jawesome Dad Greeting Card

Make this Father’s day Jawesome by giving him this funky jaws themed card! This card designed by Kong-Yew Wong features a shark chilling in the sea with a pint of beer. Perfect for the dad who loves a bit of rest and relaxation!

2) Dad's Taxi Thanks For Everything Greeting Card

If your dad’s taxi service is more reliable than actual taxis look no further than our Dad’s Taxi Thanks For Everything Card. This punchy blue card is designed by the fabulous Gemma Correll and features the cutest little taxi you ever did see.

3) Quali-tea Dad Square Greeting Card

Make your dad smile with this quali-tea card! This one is a great choice for the tea obsessed dad. Designed by Kong-Yew Wong, this card sports a beautifully illustrated tea cup and coaster and is perfect for the dad who can’t live without a good cuppa!

4) Best Child a Dad Could Ever Want Greeting Card

This cheeky card is guaranteed to be a laugh with the old man! It’s a perfect way of reminding dad who the best child really is. The simple, yet clever design has the text ‘The best dad ever’ in white with the secondary message as a subtle emboss.

5) Dad You're A Classic Square Greeting Card

Is your dad an oldie but a goldie? Why not give him a card that shows him how much of a classic he really is! This card by Kong-Yew Wong features a retro VHS tape cassette against a yellow background that’s brighter than dad’s boldest yellow tie!

6) Dad You’re Eggcellent Greeting Card

Your dad will be eggstatic to get this card designed by Alex Willmore! If he is a punny man this could be the card for him. The lil guy on the front even sports an eggcellent moustache which is sure to make your dad smile.

7) I’m Still Waiting For My Pony Father's Day Card

For the dad who still hasn’t got you that pony - take a gander at this lovely card. The minimal design by Goose Fight is bound to knock his socks off!

8) Hairy Father's Day Greeting Card

The force is strong with this card! This is one’s a great way to celebrate the star wars lovin’ dad. This fun design is beautifully illustrated by Alex Wilmore and features chewbacca and the troublesome little ewoks all together as one chaotic little family.

9) Father's Day Gin Greeting Card

Make Father’s day be-gin with a bang! For the father who prefers the finer gins in life this card may just be the one for this occasion. This contemporary yet classy design by Jessica Forgie features lemon wedges and a cool drink for the cool kind of dad.

10) Fathers day License to chill

Alex Willmore's License to chill card is great for the bond film fanatic! The perfect card for even the most secret spies.

We don’t just do cards! Check out our top 10 gifts blog to find a gift that will knock dad’s socks off! For more father’s day inspo, gifts, wrap and cards check out! (Dad will thank you later).

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