3D Cat Portraits: Cute Or Creepy?

3D Cat Portraits: Cute Or Creepy?

long hair cat portrait.jpg

Taking her love and appreciation for cats to the next level, artist Wakuneco creates 3D portraits of peoples’ cats that eerily look almost a bit too realistic…

All the portraits are hand-made with a technique called wool-felt needling. It involves pushing the felt into a cushion with pins before trimming it away with scissors to create the layers of fur. Wakuneco then uses different materials to create the eyes and whiskers.

The portraits take Wakuneco anywhere up to a month to create and so, naturally, the queue for orders is an extremely exclusive thing to be a part of. On top of that, as it stands, the portraits are only available in Wakuneco’s home country, Japan.

Torabee cat portrait complete and original photo.jpg

“This is Torabee, the cat I’m working on now. He didn’t like the camera so the owners couldn’t get good pictures of him, Torabee would get nervous and squint. So, to create this cat I am having to ask a lot of questions to the owners to get a realistic image of Torabee. The work is very difficult, but it is also very exciting!”

Cat portrait and the subject.jpg
oreo the cat portrait and original images.jpg
Wakuneco has managed to rack up over 200,000 followers with her feline-face portraits.

Wakuneco has managed to rack up over 200,000 followers with her feline-face portraits.

fluffy cat portrait.jpg

Are these portraits cute or creepy? Let us know what you think.

You can find more of Wakuneco’s work on her YouTube channel and social media below.

Instagram: @wakuneco

YouTube: @Wakuneco.

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