Our 6 Best Bullet Journal Hacks

Our 6 Best Bullet Journal Hacks

Bullet journaling was big last year, partially because it was so aesthetically pleasing, but also because, in a world full of technology, it allowed us to pause and organise our lives and thoughts in a creative way.

However, despite this, some people may have fallen out of love with bullet journaling in 2020. But fear not! We’re here with some awesome bullet journal hacks that will get you back into it.

Image from Instagram: @yikesjournal

Image from Instagram: @yikesjournal

1. Colour Code ‘Till Your Heart's Content

Organise the categories of your life by having a handy colour-coding system. Colour code up the side of the page and watch the patterns of the colours building up as you go. Also, add a key or index to highlight the different colour meanings and cut down on the chaos!

2. Washi Tape Galore

Speaking of Washi tape, this is something you can’t afford to miss in your journal. Not only does it add colour and character, but it’s also a great way to cover up any spelling mistakes you make.

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3. Add a Flip Out Page

When filling out your weekly bullet journal, you may want to still have reference to your weekly schedule or a colour-coded key. To solve this, secure a page in the front or back of your notebook using washi tape to act as a handy flip-out page.

Image from Instagram: @boho.berry

Image from Instagram: @boho.berry

4. Keep a Store of Post-It Notes

We’ve all been there - when you need a post-it note but you don’t have one to hand. Well, here is the solution! Keep a stock of post-it notes on the back page of your bullet journal for easy access whenever you need them!

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5. Use a Bookmark

Do you find yourself having to sift through every page just to find today's date? Add a simple bookmark so that your current page stands out! It doesn’t even have to be a traditional bookmark, you can use a paperclip, a strip of washi tape or a sticky note.

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6. Add a D.I.Y Envelope

There’s nothing worse than having nowhere to store your journaling bits and pieces. By taping an envelope into the back cover of your journal you can keep scraps of paper for a later date, stickers, tickets or anything else that holds memories!

With these handy hacks, not only will you be loving journaling again, but it will also save you time and increase the functionality.


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