7 Feeds To Get You Feeling Festive

7 Feeds To Get You Feeling Festive

Christmas is fast approaching! If you haven’t managed to muster up that festive feeling just yet, then we’re here to help. Filling your Instagram feed with festivities might just be the perfect way to top you up with that Christmas cheer.

We’ve scoured Instagram to find our favourite accounts that manage to fabricate the feelings of festivity as effortlessly as Santa himself.

1. @Garikmasha

Hello December Wreath.jpg
Christmas desk display.jpg

Garikmasha’s Instagram feed is a seamless transition through the seasons making it a perfect account to follow year-round. But currently, her content is focusing on the festivities, of course.

2. @agoldennamedkevin

Santa's little Golden Retriever
Kevin the Golden in Home Alone

Do yourself a favour and check out the adorable Kevin the Golden Retriever - you won’t regret it! Combining wholesomeness with Christmas spirit, he’s the perfect pupper to follow to brighten up your feed.

3. @illustratelucy

Winter Wonderland illustration by Lucy Fleming
Build a snowman illustration by Lucy Fleming

Lucy Fleming’s illustrations are often inspired by the seasons. Her most recent work showcases charming wintery wonderlands and Christmas festivities. While she isn’t a regular poster, her work as a children’s illustrator is well worth a look.

4. @Christmas_passion_

Snow-covered New York City
Reading a book by the fire

Featuring photos of beautiful, snowy cityscapes alongside cosy, warm, Christmas-decorated homes, this account perfectly captures everything you think about when you imagine the festive season.

5. @finland_bestsunset

Finland Snowy Trees Sunset
Snowy Frozen Lake Finland

In contrast to the previous account, @finland_bestsunset highlights the natural beauty of, you guessed it, Finland! These beautifully peaceful snow-covered scenes will transport you straight to a place of tranquillity, something that’s often much-needed during this hectic time of the year.

6. @christmas.winter.joy

Merry Christmas Fireplace
The Muppet Christmas Carol Cosy

Absolutely packed with festivity, @christmas.winter.joy is the perfect Christmas account to follow. Each day you’ll be welcomed with a new post spreading warmth across your feed and counting you down to the big day.

7. @festivelightsltd

Christmas Lights Home Decoration
Christmas Decorations Conservator Inspiration

If you need some festive decoration inspiration, @festivelightsltd is a great place to start. Championing year-round fairy lights, this account will show you some of the best setups that’ll instantly add charm and warmth to your home - especially around Christmas time.


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