A Gift Guide For The Person Who Has Everything

A Gift Guide For The Person Who Has Everything

Christmas is just around the corner and you’ve clicked on this blog for one reason and one reason only. You have an awkward friend to buy for. Likely, you’ve bought for everyone else, or at least know exactly what to get them. But what do you get for the person who seems to quite literally have everything? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve created a gift guide specially for a situation like this so, without further ado, let’s get into it! 

What better way to start the gift guide than introducing our most weird and wonderful products? Whether they’re weird and wonderful, wonderful or just plain weird - these items are some of my favourites in our store and I’m sure your tricky special someone will love them too! 

Let’s dive straight into the weird stuff. Why not? Check out these Pyropet Candles. They may look sweet from the outside but once they begin to melt, their aluminium skeleton starts to show. Quite morbid, I’ll admit, but these candles are perfect for those into the creepier things in life. We have Pyropet candles available in all different… breeds? Is that really the word we’re using here? Whatever. We’ll roll with it. As I was saying, we have several different breeds (creatures, perhaps?) available including dogs, cats, unicorns and dragons! 






Pyropet Candles - £28.95 

If your special someone has a penis puzzle already, you’re right, I’m sorry I doubted you - they truly do have everything. And if not, hey! We have just the gift for you. Why not pick up this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, featuring 200 penises (is that the plural for penis? Penises? Peni?) and slang and pun names for each member. It's the hardest adult puzzle out there and the only way to beat off boredom (see what I did there?). 

Perhaps this gift isn’t for the lesbians but makes a great gift for anyone into, well, penis I suppose. 



1000 Piece Penis Puzzle - £20.95 


You know what? We might as well get it out of the way. Why not buy your loved one a ‘Maybe You Touched Your Genitals’ Hand Sanitiser? You read that right. But hey! You wanted gifts your special someone didn’t have already and if they do have this I will for sure be unpleasantly surprised. Maybe this’ll make a great gift alongside the last product. They’ll need it after all that penis touching. 


OK, that’s it! We’re going family friendly from here on out! 



Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitiser - £5.50 

Looking for a gift your special someone for sure doesn’t have? I’ve got two words for you. Lip Sh*t. No, that wasn’t a typo. Lip Sh*t makes a great gift, and it’s watermelon and tangerine flavoured. Personally, I’m sold! 


Watermelon Tangerine Lip Sh*t - £6.95 

This next gift is both weird and wonderful. A nice change from the last few, might I say. “How can a gift be weird AND wonderful?” I hear you say. Well, my friend, this next product is soap. OK, this might raise more questions, or perhaps even concerns. We have a huge range of unique, novelty soaps. Some weird, some wonderful. From Beard Soap for the lovely men in your life and Lovers Soap for those who need to get A FREAKING ROOM - sorry I’ll contain myself - to much more… bizarre options like the Honey, I S**t My Pants Soap or Back, Sack and Crack Soap (because we all know most men would benefit from that last one). 






Soaps From £3.95 

And it doesn’t end there! We also have some Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs because who wouldn’t want to bathe in the feces of a magical creature? These bath bombs are, however, raspberry scented and smell divine but, and I can’t believe I actually have to say this, please do not eat the Unicorn poo. If you do, you're likely to foam at the mouth and feel pretttty sick.



Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs - £7.50

Moving on… weird and wonderful books! We have wonderful choices like ‘Gin Made Me Do It’ and ‘Free The Tipple’ which are both filled with delicious cocktail recipes and weird options like, brace yourself, ‘I Could Pee on This’ Poems by Cats or perhaps you would prefer the ‘I Could Chew on This’ Poems by Dogs. Depending on the choice you make here, these books could make either an excellent gift or a great joke present. 






Books From £6.95

This next one we can guarantee this person won’t have. And, if they do, they have fabulous taste if I do say so myself. Novelty socks. Who doesn’t love socks?! OK, you got me EVERYONE has socks. But do they have socks like OUR socks? We have socks for foodies, gamers, drinkers and those who dare to be different. From hotdogs to ghosts, we have everything you could possibly think of and, most importantly, something that the person who has everything couldn’t possibly have. 





Socks From £5.97 


OK, maybe your special someone HAS everything but have they DONE everything? 30 Day Challenges make a great gift for that awkward loved one - surely they haven’t tried going vegan for the month, gone green, done a 30 day happiness challenge (there wasn’t much I could say about that one). And those are just a few of the options we have available! What better gift than the gift of trying something new? 





30 Day Challenges From £7.95 


Everyone owns at least one candle but what about a novelty candle? One with a silly scent or message that you wouldn’t find in just your ordinary store? We have a variety of novelty candles on our store. These including The Melania Candle, smells expensive but won’t hold your hand; the Smells Like Netflix Candle, dim the lights and slip into something comfy and the Pour Me a G&T Candle, it’s been a long day, just to name a few favourites! Jokes aside, each of these candles have unique, gorgeous scents and around 45 hours on burn time depending on the candle. 





Candles From £8.95 


Stationery. What kind of monster doesn’t like stationery?! Again, you could argue that everyone has stationery… but what about our novelty stationery? I’ve picked out some of the most unusual, fun products we have in store just for you and your tricky special someone. 

Does your awkward special person have any particular interests in pop culture? Perhaps iconic movies like Mean Girls or incredible shows like Stranger Things or Sex Education? If you answered yes, these pencils might be the perfect little gift for you (or, well, technically them). From Rick and Morty to Rupaul’s Drag Race, we have a selection of themed pencil sets for just £4.95!






Pop Culture Themed Pencils - £4.95


For any cat lovers, this next product is a must have. Check out these cute cat shaped sticky notes! Who wouldn’t want these? They’re affordable, adorable and make a great stocking filler! I’m quite proud of myself for that little rhyme there. 


Cat Sticky Notes - £7.50


Sushi Washi Tape. You don’t have to like seafood to think these are absolutely ADORABLE! Just look at them. This set includes four playful paper tapes designed to look just like everyone's favourite Japanese delicacy. With 4 cute sushi designs in each pack - it makes a great, kawaii alternative to your average sticky tape. Ideal for those who love quirky stationery and we guarantee your special someone has never seen anything like it! 



Sushi Washi Paper Tape Set - £11.25

Is your special someone the sort of person that loves embroidery? If yes, we have just the gift selection for you! We have a massive range of embroidery kits with a variety of different designs from sweet homely messages to gorgeous witchy designs… and then there’s the straight up hilarious ones that are guaranteed to make your loved ones giggle, like our “Don’t Be a D**k” Embroidery Kit. Take a look at just a few of the ones we have to offer! 





Embroidery Kits From £8.95


This gift isn’t weird and wonderful but instead FOR the weird and wonderful or, in the wise words of the iconic Miss Lydia Deetz, the strange and unusual. These Tea Leaf Reading Cards make an incredible gift for those who love all things witchy and wonderful! Reading tea leaves is an ancient skill that can be easily mastered with the help of these cards. Your loved one will be able to learn all about the different zones of the tea cup, common symbols and their meanings to find out what the future has in store! 



Tea Leaf Reading Cards - £5.95 

Moving on, this section of the blog will focus on the foodies that have everything. Whether they cook, live in their kitchen (not literally) or eat anything they can get their hands on. 

Check out some of these fabulous tea towels! The Coffee, Beer and G&T Tea Towel all feature a cool design as well as tell you about the history of each of the beverages. How cool! Well, cool for nerds like me anyway. And for those who aren’t too keen on those, fear not, we have some quirky options too! The Resting Snack Face, the Cover That In Chocolate and the ‘Hey, Have You Tried Cheese?’ tea towels are all great examples and would make the perfect addition to any kitchen! 








Tea Towels From £9.95


On the subject of funky kitchen accessories, we also have some amazing novelty oven mitts available! For the rock lovers in your life (rock not The Rock, just to make sure we’re on the right page, although I do love Dwayne Johnson) we have this incredible Rock Cake Double Oven Glove. Afterall, baking is the new rock ‘n’ roll (apparently), so why not buy your tricky special someone the ultimate rockin’ oven glove featuring a recipe of classic bands combined with dodgy baking puns, all in tattoo form - ‘Bread Zeppelin’, ‘Rolling Scones’ and ‘Tofu Fighters’ just to name a few, all inked onto a double oven glove. It’s an amazing gift!



Rock Cake Double Oven Glove - £29.95

For those not so much into the rock scene, we also have this ‘F*ck, I Love Cheese’ Oven Mitt available on our store perfect for anyone cheese crazy! Perhaps this design isn’t too suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. Maybe stick with the previous design in that case. 



F*ck, I Love Cheese Oven Mitt - £11.50

Let’s move onto the edible gifts for the awkward foodies. They may HAVE everything but have they TRIED everything? You’re going to get real sick of the line by the end of the blog but it’s a great question to ask yourself! We have some rather strange, edible products available on our store from spreads to chocolate. 

Starting off with those weird spreads I mentioned, we have both spreadable gin and whiskey. OK, to me that sounds repulsive but to anyone who loves to experiment with new foods and tastes, it makes a great gift! Supposedly, the alcoholic effect gets cooked off during creation so, whilst it tastes both like gin or whiskey, you don’t get the hangover. That sounds like a win to me! If your loved one is anything like my dad, who will eat/try just about ANYTHING, I guarantee they’ll be both curious and pleasantly surprised by this present. 




Spreadable Alcoholic Marmalade - £9.95

Weird chocolate. And when I mean weird, I mean WEIRD… but also oddly … delicious looking? The three flavours that come to mind are all by a brand called Gnaw, who make the most amazing tasting hot chocolate I might add, and include Pecan Pie, Raspberry and Chilli and Gin and Tonic. Should I be concerned that I’m not absolutely disgusted by those flavours? Is it weird that I want to try each and every one of them? I’m a sucker for anything spicy, I need to try the Raspberry and Chilli one immediately.


Anyway, back to it, these gifts are another great idea for anyone who loves to experiment with food and, more importantly, will eat/try anything. I guarantee they’ve never seen any flavours anywhere near similar and that’s exactly the reaction we want from the person who has everything! 





Gnaw Chocolate Bars - £3.50

One of our newer products we have in store, this gift is great for the person who has everything. ‘Why?’ you ask, well, because if your special someone has everything already we may as well spoil their cat instead! May I introduce you to… Cat Kong. Need I say more? 



Cat Kong - £20.95 

Assuming you’ve made the best choice and have decided to instead spoil your special someone’s pet instead of them (animals are superior), why not pick up either a Pampered Pup or Calm Kitty Massage Kit? Yes, that’s right. A massage kit for their pet, they deserve a Christmas too, alright?! 




Pet Massage Kit - £16.95 

You cannot tell me your tricky to buy for friend has this next product. I mean, I had no idea anything like this existed and I’m animal mad! Animal shaped nail files. How cute?! You can choose from a cat or dog and then from there pick between three different designs. And do you know what makes this item even better? When you’re filing your nails, you’re giving the little guy a belly rub! Come find me when you get a better gift, you won’t. You can’t! 




Animal Nail File - £4.95

Does your special someone love plants? We have some great, novelty plant products we guarantee your loved one doesn’t have. First up, our Plant Name Badges. This product is self-explanatory, name tags for your plant because plants deserve a name just as much as we do! 



Plant Name Badges - £10.95 

One of my personal favourites on the list, take a look at this incredible Mini Plant Life Support! I love everything about this one. It’s the ideal gift for anyone who struggles to balance their working life with their life as a plant parent. And, it’s super easy to use! Simply fill the bag with water, hang it from the peg and place the dripper into the soil. 



Mini Plant Life Support - £9.95 

This next one is going to blow your mind. Chemistry Terrarium. Have you ever seen anything like it? This terrarium has everything you need to create a mini ecosystem; coir, sand, activated charcoal and pebbles. All your loved one has to do is house a plant of their choice, cactus or succulent! Why not let that special someone unleash their inner scientist this Christmas? 


Chemistry Terrarium - £29.95 

Okay, so this person happens to have everything. But have they MADE everything? You probably have no idea where I’m going with this one, so allow me to elaborate. On our website we have several different kinds of grow kits - maybe the person you have in mind loves alcohol and would enjoy making their own wine, prosecco or cocktails. Perhaps they’re a plant lover and would love to grow their own cactus or succulents. Or… just maybe they’d like to grow their own Red Hot Willy Peppers? Come on… surely they don’t have Red Hot WILLY Peppers?! 







Grow Kits From £5.95 


And that brings us to the end of yet another gift guide! Let us know if this post helped you find that tricky someone the perfect gift this Christmas, we’re eager to find something for the person who has everything! 


Still struggling with finding gifts for the other loved ones in your life? Why not give our other gift guides a read? Find them on our website, at the very bottom of the page! 

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