Artist Hand-Draws Incredible Alphabet Illustrations Of Iconic Cartoons

Artist Hand-Draws Incredible Alphabet Illustrations Of Iconic Cartoons

Artist MVRTN has undertaken the personal project, dubbed ‘Toon Type,’ of illustrating the alphabet entirely with cartoon characters. Using a different cartoon for every letter, he’s currently halfway through the alphabet (although not in chronological order). But don’t worry, we’ll be sure to update once it’s complete.

The illustrations for each letter showcase his incredible attention to detail and often depict many of the most well-known episodes from each cartoon; these are sure to deliver a heavy dose of nostalgia for most!

If you can’t find your favourite cartoon amongst them, make sure you follow @mvrtn_art on Instagram where he posts polls for people to vote on which cartoon and letter he tackles next.

Scroll on to witness MVRTN’s highly impressive work through the Toon Type project so far. We can’t wait to see what’s coming up!

A - Animaniacs

A - Animaniacs.jpg

B - Bob’s Burgers

B - Bob's Burgers.jpg

C - Courage The Cowardly Dog

C - Courage The Cowardly Dog.jpg
Courage the cowardly dog progress pic.jpg
Courage progress 2.jpg

D - Dexter’s Laboratory

D - Dexter and Deedee.jpg

E - Ed, Edd n’ Eddy

E - Ed Edd n' Eddy.jpg

F - Futurama

F - Futurama.jpg
Futurama close-up 1.jpg
Futurama close-up 2.jpg

G - Garfield

G - Garfield.jpg

H - Homer Simpson

H - Homer.jpg

L - Looney Tunes

L - Looney Tunes.jpg
Looney Tune close-up 1.jpg
Looney Tune close-up 2.jpg

P - Patrick Star

P - Patrick Star

R - Rick Sanchez

R - Rick Sanchez.jpg

S - Spongebob Square Pants

S - Spongebob Square Pants.jpg
Spongebob progress pic.jpg
Spongebob 2.jpg

Z - Zim and Gir

Z - Zim and Gir

Make sure you follow MVRTN on his Instagram and Twitter @mvrtn_art to keep up to date with his progress on his Toon Type project and to vote on which cartoons he illustrates next.


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