Artful's First Digital Tutorial


Thank you to every single one of you who has bought an Artful box. It’s a joy to see everyone’s arrive in the post! Hopefully, you’re working your way through the tools, and the magazine is helping you become increasingly nimble with a pencil. However we promised you more, so Artful doesn’t stop at your box. All Artful subscribers will regularly receive an email sharing a private link to an exclusive tutorial to help you continue to hone your skills.

So, Artful’s first digital tutorial is live! If you’ve come from the exclusive link we’ve sent you, you’re in the right place, below you can press the button and download the template for you to draw your very own Dormouse just like Jamie’s finished piece below. You can frame it and pop it on your wall once you’re finished or gift to a lucky friend.


For those of you out the loop, Artful is a quarterly art subscription box, launched this year alongside Ohh Deer and Papergang. (Can you spot a theme here, we love anything creative!) Artful is all about developing your creative skills, whether it’s drawing, painting or printing, we’ll provide the tools and the support for you to create something beautiful. If you want access to these exclusive digital tutorials you can treat yourself to your very own box here!

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