Artist Interview With Amina Akhmadeeva!

Artist Interview With Amina Akhmadeeva!

Art is something that intrigues me; whether that’s the process in which people create such beautiful and detailed pieces or wanting to know more about the artist creating the art. Every aspect of it is so very fascinating to me, and if you’re reading this, I’m sure it is to you too! 

And that’s why we want to make artist interviews a monthly feature on our blog! What better way to celebrate the talent of an artist than spotlight their incredible talent and pure dedication? 

We were lucky enough to pin down the extremely talented artist Amina Akhmadeeva for an interview to learn all about her journey as an artist, her creative process and the details behind some of her magnificent paintings! 

Hi Amina! I'll start by saying thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview. This is my first! I love your work and I'm very excited to hear all about you! Tell us about yourself. 

Thank you for inviting me and for all the kind words! I'm actually originally from Uzbekistan, but I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and attended SVA for my BFA in Illustration. As of 2 years ago, I’ve been living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'm 24 right now! 


Oh wow! How exciting! You’re only 24? Looking at your art, it looks as though you've had years and years of experience! Are you from a creative background or is art something you had to discover yourself?

That’s one of the best compliments I could get, thank you! I wasn’t raised in an artistic family, but I noticed I always made friends with the “art kids” growing up. That’s what got me interested in sketching/drawing. My parents sent me to after-school art classes in middle school. I’ve been on a direct path to art and illustration since I was a kid, which gave me a lot of practice!



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That's wonderful. What a journey! I really enjoy watching your creative process over on your socials. It fascinates me how you get from A to B! Could you talk us through your art process, where it is you begin and end? 

I always begin with gathering references and inspiration, so I know what my vision is and how to execute it. Whether it’s combining references that clients send for commissions, getting inspired by my favourite artists and their work (seeing how they tackle a certain subject), or taking my own photos and working off those. It’s so important that you’re not working solely off of your imagination, especially when you’re starting out. 


I then decide what medium would work best for my ideas. I typically work with gouache, acrylic gouache, watercolour, and oil. I start with a quick sketch on my canvas/paper of choice, and jump right into painting. 


I was always taught to cover my entire canvas as early as possible, so I work on filling out the basic shapes before going into the details. You’ll often see me completing the background before working on the main subject or figure. I end with doing all the delightful details, all the highlights, outlines, and little paint strokes that essentially tie the whole piece together.



 Take a look at Amina’s most recent art process over on her Instagram here!



You mentioned a few different types of paints there - gouache, acrylic gouache, watercolour, oil. Is there a medium you enjoy using more than another? Or maybe one you feel more confident using/find easier to paint with?

Absolutely, I love changing my mediums whenever I feel like switching up or going for a different style, but my favourite has been acrylic gouache. It has a smaller learning curve than those of other mediums, and it has the texture/finish of regular gouache and the drying capabilities of acrylic, which is the perfect combination for me. It’s what I use for all my commission work! 


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Your art is genuinely wonderful. I picked up on the fact your work often features women, cats or sometimes even plant life - you seem to really know how to capture the beauty of those things! Do you have a favourite thing to paint? Something you always go to when you aren't doing commissions? 

Nature is my absolute go-to for anything I paint. It’s almost hard not to include a plant in a scene! It’s very meditative and satisfying working on these worlds I’d love to escape to. Sometimes, though, I get an inkling to switch gears a bit. When I was trying out the Artful gouache box, I saw some of those bright colours and wanted to do something loud, electric, and neon with them. I really enjoy exploring different worlds like those, even if it’s the complete opposite of my usual themes! When I’m not working on commissions, I absolutely love trying out different paints, it kind of resets me from my usual M.O. and I get to experiment with different styles and subjects.


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I've not been working for Artful too long, the painting you did for Stray using our gouache box was one of the first I had seen and it really took my breath away. Incredible work! Each and every one of your paintings are all so detailed. I couldn't begin to imagine the hard work and dedication that goes into them! How long would you say it takes you to finish a typical piece?

Thank you! I’d say a typical piece takes about 6-8 hours total, something more detailed like the Stray piece took me about 12 hours, not including all the snack and stretching breaks!



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I'm interested to know - what is your favourite piece you've created so far? And, contrary to that, which of your paintings has been the most challenging?

One of my favourite pieces is Covert, where I experimented working with colored pencils over watercolour, and I just love how it looks gentle yet very defined and sharp with both those mediums. 


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The piece that was challenging recently was a portrait study in oil paint. It was the first time since college that I worked on a more realistic, “masters” style of portraiture, and I was like I was relearning oil painting with that piece. It was such a fun venture though, and I absolutely will be picking up oils again very soon!


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Oh wow! You would never be able to tell that was your in a while. It looks fabulous! Covert is absolutely gorgeous too, definitely one of my favourites of yours! You are unbelievably talented! What is it that makes you so passionate about painting?

Thank you so much! I just love creating and working with my hands. I tend to be very imaginative and get inspired by even the most subtle and ordinary things I see, and suddenly I have an itch to include/represent them in a painting. I think it’s such an enthralling experience to translate your visions and imaginary environments into a real, tangible thing.


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That's a really beautiful answer. I love that! To round up the interview, I have one final question for you! What advice would you give to someone beginning their art journey?  

My advice is to discover who your favourite artists are, whether they were working thousands of years ago, or if they’re a click away on Instagram! Studying art history is undervalued, but there’s just so much you can learn. Understanding how other artists see and interact with the world will help you find your own style and vision. Also, be involved with your art community, no matter how small it may be. Overall, learning from other artists is one of the best ways to improve and grow.


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Give Amina a follow over on her social media (linked below) - she truly is a wonderful artist and an all-round sweetheart! 


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