It's that time of year where the excitement of having 10 thousand weeks off of studying is wearing off. You're coming to terms with the fact that this freedom isn't forever and soon you'll be back eating cheese-strings in the canteen or finding out who stole your milk in your uni halls.

However! It doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. Going back to school and heading to uni means you get to splurge on some pretty awesome stationery and desk accessories, even the odd home item for your dorm. We've composed this lovely blog post for you to feel inspired and get your head back into gear!

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THE stationery

Time to deck out that pencil case and crack the spine of that new notebook, it's the organisation station!

First things first, the notebook; It can be hard to pick out the perfect notebook. It's things like "which one says get me out of this hell hole?" or "I could have just stayed at home" that have to be considered for each subject. Luckily, we've popped a nice selection below for you to choose which one suits your mood best.

Our Floral Primordia A4ish Notebook is the perfect size to take to and from lectures and comes complete with a one of a kind page layout, focused on dissecting your daily itinerary and tasks. We can book in napping at around say, 4pm? Below are some other tasty notebook options, some even feature built-in stickers!


Obviously to write in your sparkly new notebook you're going to need some sparkly new pens, these ones from Le Pen come in every colour! (Can we have them all please???)

Storage is very important, we don't want your vast collection of coloured pens just rolling around in the bottom of your bag, na-ah! Keep them safe with this badass Runnin' The World And Stuff pencil case, or our Gemma Correll Magical Unicorn number.



So you've got your basics, now time for the bits and pieces that make your workspace truly yours.

If you're a uni go-er or someone who takes pride in their desk, things like art prints, washi tapes and the odd plant pot make you go weak at the knees. You're not sat in a dingy classroom now, you can make your study space super duper! Click on the images below to shop!

If you're living in uni accommodation this year, your desk space isn't just limited to the corner of the room. A cheeky cushion here and there doesn't hurt anyone, and makes revising on your bed that little bit more cosy! (Just don't spill your tea everywhere) This Jungle Leopard cushion won't clash with your ugly student halls curtains we're sure of it.

If we have left you feeling inspired (we hope so) and have made you feel less sad about returning to your studies, then we feel we have done our duty! You can shop a whole Back To School edit here or simply have a browse of the tasty stationery delights on Oh! And for students, you guys get 10% off with UNIDAYS! Find out more here.





Perfect Desk Set Up Phonecase.jpg

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