We love all things beauty in the office, whenever one of us has a new eye-shadow palette, we must show it off IMMEDIATELY. Naturally, along with our stationery obsession, make up and skincare is another thing we cannot resist.

This January, Ohh Deer has collaborated with mega beauty subscription box – Birchbox. Much like our Papergang subscription, each month you receive a tasteful selection of products at your door, in this case it’s beauty! My goodness it’s all a bit lovely isn’t it? Birchbox offers a personalised way to discover new beauty products, making it one of the leading brands in it's field. With over 1 million subscribers and 4 million customers, we are so proud to be collaborating with such a wonderful brand!


This month’s box is themed ‘Stand Tall’ – embrace what makes you, you! To bring the box to life, illustrator Chloe Hall was the obvious choice. With her bright patterns inspired by nature, Chloe’s work is the perfect combination of feminine and powerful. Below we chat to Chloe about designing January’s print and her life as a creative.

Hey there Chloe! Obviously the first question we have to ask is how did you feel when you were appointed to illustrate January’s Birchbox?!

"I was so excited to have been asked to illustrate January's Birchbox! It was really nice to have been thought of to be a part of the project, I'm really grateful :)"

When it came to the super cute flamingo design, what was your process? Was it a simple case of re-purposing another design, or creating something new all together? We love the colours!

"The design is quite similar to one of my previous patterns so it was more of a re-jig of an existing pattern. I added in some new elements such as the flamingos, the small blue flowers and rearranged the pattern so it fit together well. It's been really interesting adding in the flamingos as an extra element to the pattern, as I usually keep my patterns plant/floral based, so that might be something I explore more in the future!"

It’s been really interesting adding in the flamingos as an extra element to the pattern
line drawings and floral pattern.jpg

Chloe is based in the Midlands and lives on a wide beam canal boat. Being raised so close to nature with the outdoors being a prominent part of her childhood, Chloe states that the close-to-nature setting helped find the creative themes she uses today;

“I’ve been surrounded by nature since I was little and I think I forget that the animals/nature I see isn’t what people see day to day unless you live where I live, so I shouldn’t take it for granted. I love being outside and walking and always feel inspired when I’ve spent some time outdoors”

For other illustrators and creatives that are seeking advice out there, we asked Chloe if she had some words of inspiration...

I honestly think if you work hard and don’t stop working towards what you want, there’s no way it won’t work out.

In regard to the box, designing the pattern is one thing, but when finally seeing your creation come to life how did you feel? We hope it made your start to 2018 even more exciting, we love it!

"Thank you so much! I have been so excited to see the pattern on the box, so it was lovely to see it all come together as a final product. I still can't believe it's going out to so many people!"


Read more about Chloe in another post by clicking here!

If you want to see more of Chloe’s work, head on over to her Instagram @chloehallillustration and find more about Chloe on her website;

Make sure to subscribe to January's Birchbox! You can also choose the option to grab a weekly planner by Ohh Deer and Chloe. Head to to find out more.

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