Dont_Worry.jpg really, you’re not alone! Wise words from typographical queen Catherine Ings a.k.a Twin Pines. Cat is the wonderful creative behind May’s Papergang box, with her witty phrases and punchy use of colour, she brings fun to the trials and tribulations of adulthood.

Hey there Cat!

Your Papergang box contains slogans we can all relate to such as ‘forever awkward’ - would you describe yourself as a more introverted soul or someone who embraces their quirks?!

Officially a proud member of the forever awkward gang and I’d definitely consider myself as an introverted soul. When I’m with my husband or close friends and family though I do embrace my quirks as they get how ridiculously weird I am already and don’t judge me, or at least I don’t think they do!


When it comes to your designs they’re super crisp and colourful – could you tell us more about how your design style came about and your love of the minimal?

I’ve never been one for clutter (which totally comes from my mum) so it’s no surprise I love all things minimal. Nothing makes me happier than having a big clear out and just getting rid of all the crap you’ve held onto for years that you know you really don’t give a monkey’s about but have it ‘just in case’.

Minimalism plays out in many areas for me, in particular in my design aesthetic. I always work to the basis of the KISS principle. Keep it simple, stupid! Why over complicate things and add endless flourishes for the sake of it. Although my designs might look incredibly simple each one takes hours to get the typography just right, by changing small elements to make it unique.

“Although my designs might look incredibly simple each one takes hours to get the typography just right”

It’ll probably surprise you I’m actually quite colour averse in my personal life. I usually stick to monochrome, but after working with so many amazing and colourful clients on their branding, I was inspired to create a collection of products with ALL the colours. I’ve been having so much fun coming up with all the colour combinations with my Ohh Deer range.

With some new style products in your Papergang box, was it rewarding to see your designs on different materials?

It’s so unbelievably exciting and rewarding to experiment in new materials and to finally see them in the flesh. I don’t normally get to see my products in use but the idea of just walking down the street and seeing someone with one of my products makes me all kinds of happy.

Along with your amazing paper goods, you’re also a brand and web developer! Do you find it challenging juggling the two and what are your favourite things about both skill sets?

I’m not going to lie, it’s super tough sometimes and on occasion I’ll have to prioritise client work over my own range, meaning I can’t develop it and push it as much as I’d like but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Being both a product and services small business owner helps me understand my clients in a unique way as I get what they’re dealing with on a daily basis. But they also inspire me, push me out of my comfort zone and try something I wouldn’t normally do and I can’t thank them enough for challenging me in such a brilliant way.


Getting to work on my own range is amazing too as there’s no brief and I can essentially create anything I like. The problem is I always I want to do ALL the things and find it impossible to make a decision. Oh the woes of being an indecisive creative!

“The problem is I always I want to do ALL the things and find it impossible to make a decision”

Obviously we can’t leave this chat without discussing your dog – please let us know 3 facts about this amazing being!

Ah yes! The dog! She’s my everything and my all time favourite being on the planet (shhh! Don’t tell the husband I love her more than him ;D)

Fact #1 - Her name Ellie is inspired by the film Up and we’re desperate to add a boy dog called Carl to the family to be complete.

Fact #2 - Both Ellie and I share the same birthday, albeit 29 years apart (damn I’m getting old!)

Fact #3 - Ellie is insanely obsessed with birds, so much so on a trip to Cromer she wanted to play with a bird so much she decided to jump onto a wall with a mahoosive 18m cliff on the other side just so she could say hi.


Such a happy dog, thank you so much Cat! (And Ellie of course.)

Where to find Twin Pines…
Instagram @twinpines_
Learn more about Cat here.

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Our Papergang box for May has been designed by typographical genius Cat! This box is jam packed with stationery featuring words we can all relate to, designed to make you and your desk space as one. All for £10.95 - delivered straight to your door. Click here or the big button below to head over to

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