Cath Kidston: Our Artist of the Month

Cath Kidston: Our Artist of the Month

Cath Kidston is an infamous brand that every Brit has at least heard the name of. Their prints are so incredibly recognisable and distinguishable that they’ve become a huge staple within the fashion industry here in the UK and that fact alone is exactly why Cath Kidston is our fabulous artist of the month!  

So, what is Cath Kidston?

For those who don’t know, Cath Kidston is a huge British brand famous for their gorgeous and iconic prints. They describe their patterns as ‘entwined with British culture’, a ‘British design with a playful twist’, which we feel fits their vibe to a T. Cath Kidston products have this gorgeous vintage feel to them, which is quite honestly refreshing in a time where everything from fashion to buildings is slowly shifting into a more modern, black and white look. The patterns Cath Kidston uses are bright and full of colour, they have an almost old-timey aesthetic which is strangely comforting. 

This brand was created in 1993 and originally began in a small shop in Notting Hill. Today, it is a global lifestyle brand in over 40 countries worldwide. Clearly, they’re taking the world by storm, successfully capturing the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide! 


cath kidston store



They’ve had some incredible achievements over the past 30 years, including receiving an MBE for services to business from the Queen herself, to collaborating with huge household brands like Disney for Winnie the Pooh’s 90th anniversary collection - now, if that doesn't impress you, I don’t know what will! 



cath kidston x winnie the pooh collab


Who is Cath Kidston?


We all know Cath Kidston as a brand, but who is Cath Kidston? To put it simply, Cath is an incredible woman of many talents, so it seems! She is an English entrepreneur, author and fashion designer. Cath started out as a window dresser and model for Laura Ashley and worked shortly as an antique fabric dealer too, I can only imagine that this is where at least some of the inspiration for her gorgeous prints came from! Around this time, she landed a job with Nicky Haslam, a popular interior designer and socialite. Cath Kidston wasn't actually Cath’s first business. In fact, she co-founded Mickinney Kidston - an interior design company she had set up with a friend in 1987. Clearly, Cath has been a hard worker since the very beginning. She was just 18 when her career really began to kick off! 



cath kidston


Cath Kidston Prints


If you haven’t heard of Cath Kidston, you’re almost definitely familiar with some of their wonderful prints - their designs are everywhere in the UK, whether it's their gorgeous bags being worn in the streets or their patterns on notebooks in stores across the country. Take a look below at one of their most iconic signature prints, you're bound to recognise it! 


Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to thank the lovely ladies in your life for loving you unconditionally than to spoil them rotten? Our Mother’s Day collection features some gorgeous Cath Kidston designs from cards to notebooks and, might I say, these always go down a treat with the mummas! Just take a look at some of the beautiful Cath Mother’s Day cards we have to offer. 


happy mothers day cath kidston card


Happy Mother's Day Tea Rose Greeting Card



Happy Mother's Day Twilight Garden Greeting Card



Mothering Sunday Bluebells Greeting Card



Grandma Mayfield Blossom Garden Greeting Card



Our Other Cath Kidston Products


For those interested in our other Cath Kidston products, we have gorgeous products from Daily Planners to notebooks to cards for all occasions and much more! Here are some of my personal favourites from our Cath Kidston range… 



Marble Heart Red Sticky Notes


Cath Kidston Strawberry Daily Planner A5

Silver Linings A5 Clothbound Notebook



Shop all our Cath Kidston products HERE! 

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