At Papergang HQ we love nothing more than pastels and plants. So much so, we’ve chosen illustrator Chloe Hall as our artist this month! Chloe creates calming patterns inspired by nature and aims on bringing that little bit of the outdoors, indoors.


Chloe is based in the Midlands and lives on a wide beam canal boat. Being raised so close to nature with the outdoors being a prominent part of her childhood, Chloe states below that the close-to-nature setting helped find the creative themes she uses today…

I’ve been surrounded by nature since I was little and I think I forget that the animals/nature I see isn’t what people see day to day unless you live where I live, so I shouldn’t take it for granted. I love being outside and walking and always feel inspired when I’ve spent some time outdoors.

I’ve always lived on a boat and I’ve only fell in the river twice (and neither were after a night out!). It’s quite a quiet way of life and I had a really good childhood, I just remember being outside a lot. I’m pretty lucky as I live right near a country park so can step outside and go for a walk in a really nice setting without having to go very far at all.

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Your wonderful illustrations feature all sorts of flora and fauna, what inspired you to paint these specific botanics for this box design?

A lot of the flora and fauna I illustrated were actually from a bouquet that my mum had at the time I was creating the designs for the Papergang box, including the protea and the roses, so it was great to draw these flowers from observation. I decided to use the different tones of greens and pinks mixed with the bright pop of orange in the roses to give the box a summery feel that also suited the letter writing theme.

We absolutely love the textures and layering of your illustrations! How do you begin your process - is it a long journey from sketch to final result? Or do you find that you are simply able to keep creating until you are content with the finished result?

Thank you! I create quite quick watercolour illustrations and line drawings and tend to use the first painting or drawing I’ve made to create a pattern. I don’t like to develop any illustrations as I think if you do that too much it can look too neat. When I create the illustrations I don’t have a pattern in mind, I paint lots of single illustrations of lots of different plants, then pick ones that I think will work together. Sometimes out of a day’s batch of paintings I might get a couple of new patterns.

It feels like a more thoughtful way to get in touch with people, which I think is what makes it so special.

As your Papergang Box is themed around letter writing, what would you say is so special about getting something handwritten through the post?

Because everything is so fast paced and letter writing isn’t as popular as it used to be, I think that getting a handwritten letter or note is sometimes quite a nice surprise! It feels like a more thoughtful way to get in touch with people, which I think is what makes it so special. I always pop a hand written thank you note in with my orders, it adds that personal touch!

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For other illustrators and creatives that are seeking advice out there, do you have any words of inspiration?

I honestly think if you work hard and don’t stop working towards what you want, there’s no way it won’t work out.

Obviously we couldn’t leave this Q&A without asking about your favourite plant?!

Ooh this is hard...I drew the protea flower for this Papergang box and that’s become one of my favourites; I love the contrast of pink and green. I really want a rubber plant but my rooms too full of plants already, so that’s going to be one of the first things I buy when I finally finish renovating my new house!

Thank you so much Chloe!

Where to find Chloe…
Instagram @chloehallillustration

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Our Papergang box for July has been designed by Chloe herself! This box is jam packed with stationery featuring beautiful botanical artwork. All for £10.95 - delivered straight to your door. You can learn more by heading over to the Papergang site or click the big button below to get yours now.

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