Christmas Gift Guide: Magical Gifts

Christmas Gift Guide: Magical Gifts

Some say that magic is all around us, especially during this festive season! If you’re struggling to find that magical gift for that magical person, we might just be able to help! Check out our top picks from our magical Christmas collection.

Rice Bombshell Plush

Rice Bombshell Plush Toy

This cuddly little plush toy is called Ricebombshell and is the most adorable rabbit mermaid (yes… of course they exist!). It’s super soft with a baby pink and baby blue body.

crying unicorn candle.jpg

Crying Unicorn Candle

Yes, we have a unicorn candle that cries colourful tears of joy when lit. How magical! The porcelain unicorn comes with two candles so you can watch it burn for several hours! The rainbow wax drips through the eyes to create a colourful effect as it melts.

large rainbow wall mirror.jpg

Large Rainbow Wall Mirror

With all the colours of the rainbow, this mirror will instantly brighten up any room you place it in. Featuring dangling fabric strips, the rainbow mirror is an easy way to add a fresh contemporary feel to your home.

mermaid chocolate bar.jpg

Mermaid Chocolate Bar

Grab this yummy sea salted milk chocolate with edible gold glitter mermaid bar and get ready to crank out "under the sea" as you'll be happier than a sea turtle!

Mint Lemon Lip Shit.jpg

Mint Lemon Lip Shit

Look at that astronaut, she's so happy. Do you want to know why? It's because her lips are the softest lips ever! Some say that her lips are out of this world. This lip balm is flavoured with mint and lemon.

unicorn poo bath bombs.jpg

Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs

These raspberry scented Unicorn poo bath bombs are the best way to make your bath more magical! Please note: not actual Unicorn poo. They look good enough to eat, but please don't, you're likely to foam at the mouth and feel pretttty sick.

Unicorn Coin Purse.jpg

Unicornin Ain’t Cheap Coin Purse

We have no idea what this phrase means, but it's sassy and we love it. Unicornin' ain't cheap!

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