Christmas Gift Guide: Secret Santa

Christmas Gift Guide: Secret Santa

Ahh, Secret Santa, the gift that keeps on giving. Maybe you’ve got someone that you don’t know very well this year, or maybe you know them too well? We’ve curated our favourite gifts that would be perfect for your Secret Santa match, no matter the budget limit!

abusive balloons.jpg

Abusive Balloons

Unless you're a 3 year old (and even then), balloons do not make a party – they're the inflatable illusion of fun. So why not celebrate honesty and undermine the big occasion with these thoroughly abusive balloons!

fuck em ankle socks.jpg

Fuck Em: Women's Ankle Socks

There comes a day in every pineapple's life when they cross their arms and tell it like it is. Today is that day.

say no to salad oven mitt.jpg

Say No To Salad Oven Mitt

You don't make friends with salad. With this oven mitt, you can finally show your appreciation for the finer foods in life: Hot dogs and burgers!

assholes everywhere socks.jpg

Assholes Everywhere: Women's Crew Socks

They're impossible to avoid. If you're sick and tired of assholes being everywhere, these socks might help keep a few of them at bay. It's the best you can hope for.

packing snacks tote bag.jpg

Packing Snacks Handy Tote Bag

It's always handy to have a snack on hand. Stock this pouch up and never be hungry on the go again.

watermelon tangerine lip shit.jpg

Watermelon Tangerine Lip Shit

Look at this pretty lady. We bet she's got some soft lips. Probably from this watermelon and tangerine flavoured lip balm.

gradient puzzles.jpg

Gradient Puzzles

These are minimalist puzzles that can be completed in twenty minutes or less, so reward your mind with some off-screen time! Choose your fave colour in the drop down below.

5 a day chocolate fruits.jpg

5-A-Day Chocolate Fruits

How do you take fruit to the next level? You cover it in chocolate. But how do you take that even further? With solid chocolate fruit, of course! This bountiful basket of goods contains absolutely no fruit, only delicious chocolatey goodness. Every piece is made completely from white and dark Belgian chocolate.

chocolate paint brushes.jpg

Chocolate Paint Brushes

Perfect for the hungry artist, these chocolate paintbrushes are made from the finest Belgian milk chocolate and are dipped into white chocolate paint. These incredibly detailed brushes are completed with an edible silver dusting and only use natural carmine colourings.

omelette sushi socks.jpg

Omelette Sushi Socks

Shaped as a maki, these bright omelette socks are a fun, comfy, one-size-fits-all package. Everyone loves being given socks as a gift, but you can make it a little more exciting with these quirky sock designs from DOIY.

unicorn poo bath bombs.jpg

Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs

These raspberry scented Unicorn poo bath bombs are the best way to make your bath more magical!
Please note: not actual Unicorn poo. They look good enough to eat, but please don't, you're likely to foam at the mouth and feel pretttty sick.

grow it prosecco.jpg

Grow It - Prosecco

Believe it or not, you can grow your own prosecco at home! All you need to do is follow the instructions and before you know it, you'll have a glass of sweet bubbly in your hand. This would make an ideal present for keen gardeners and those who love prosecco of course!

volcano egg cup.jpg

Volcano Egg Cup

Soft boiled eggs have never been so fun to eat! Watch your 'lava' over flow your egg cup while you nom away. From Gift Republic.

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