Christmas Gift Guide: The Foodie

Christmas Gift Guide: The Foodie

They say you should never go shopping when you’re hungry, but we disagree. We’re hungry, all the time! Take a peruse of our best foodie products for your favourite foodie friends. Who doesn’t love a cheeky food-themed gift?

chocolate breakfast.jpg

Chocolate All Day Breakfast

Make your taste buds question everything they’ve ever believed in when you tuck into the chocolate form of the classic builder's breakfast. Perfect for when you’re craving something sweet that looks savoury. Everything is handmade from the finest Belgian milk and white chocolate.

fun fast food baubles set.jpg

Fast Food Baubles Set

Make a feast out of your Christmas tree this year with these fantastic fast food baubles! Decorate your tree with all your favourite delicacies.

horny for food oven mitt.jpg

Horny For Food Oven Mitt

Food is the only thing worth getting excited about, right? This oven mitt says it all.

iridescent pizza cutter.jpg

Iridescent Pizza Cutter

We're pretty sure that you aren't going to come across a swankier pizza cutter than this beauty from DOIY. Firstly it's iridescent, secondly, it's a bike?! Both wheels cut, ensuring that you'll only need to ride through the pizza once!

lemon and white choc liquorice.jpg

Lemon & White Chocolate Coated Liquorice

The ACME Liquorice Lab is comprised of a group of liquorice lovers that makes liquorice for other liquorice lovers. That's a whole lot of liquorice in one sentence, and there's a whole lot of liquorice that they make! There's a flavour sure to suit everyone. If you like your liquorice lemony with a hint of white chocolate, this is the one for you. Each box contains 150g of liquorice yumminess, it makes a tasty gift or a delicious treat for yourself.

lemon meringue chocolate.jpg

Lemon Meringue Chocolate

Luxurious lemony white chocolatey loveliness topped with magnificent meringue. Gnaw’s ingenious take on the British classic dessert! Handmade in Norfolk by Gnaw's fantastically imaginative Chocolatiers.

rock cake double oven glove.jpg

Rock Cake Double Oven Glove

Baking is the new rock ‘n’ roll (apparently), so we’ve come up with the ultimate rockin’ oven glove: a recipe of classic bands combined with dodgy baking puns, all in tattoo form. Think ‘Bread Zeppelin’, ‘Rolling Scones’, ‘Tofu Fighters’, and many more ‘hilarious’ band puns, all inked onto a double oven glove.

sour flower organic sweets.jpg

Sour Flower Organic Sweets

HEY YUM! makes yummilicious organic sweets infused with fruit, enhanced with honey and sugar, and stirred with sweet intentions. Sour Flower is described as "A beautiful world with delicious lush flowers and kind gummy rabbits with a rich taste of fruit and sprinkled with sour sugar crystals"

Zebra egg cup.jpg

Zebra Egg Cup

Start your day in a fun and interesting way! These hand-painted ceramics are great for tea lights, rings and small things, as well as large eggs..

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