Interview: Colourful Collages Of Inspiration With Nathan Hussain

Interview: Colourful Collages Of Inspiration With Nathan Hussain

Nathan Hussain is an artist based in Newcastle, UK, who creates digital collages for his Instagram account @analogbynat. His works are full of vintage, grainy textures, popping colours and awesome motivating messages. We caught up with Nathan to delve into his creative process, inspirations, and learn more about his colourful collages.

Photography from Cameron Dowson and Bryson Howe

Photography from Cameron Dowson and Bryson Howe

Hey Nathan! So, we should probably start from the beginning and work our way up to where you are now; how did you first get started in the creative world?

I was going to mention my introduction to the creative world being early last year, but looking back, I think I've always been involved in it. I was designing football boots and cars when I was 8, acting in plays when I was 16, writing and directing films when I was 18, and started to design typography and learning design theory when I was 21. Seems like I just couldn't make my mind up!

I think I was just a kid exploring what felt natural and right at the time. It sounds cliche, but I feel like I've always been within the creative world. It's just only recently I’ve conjured the confidence to show the world.

@analogbynat (1).jpg

From what we’ve seen on your Instagram, your artworks are incredible, they’re so vibrant and colourful! What kind of things influence you when you’re creating?

Thank you! I'm influenced by everything that speaks to me really. I feel my array of creative interests has allowed my style to speak to many different people who study different mediums. I often receive positive feedback from film lovers regarding my Wes Anderson-like composition work whilst design students often compliment my typography and colour theory.

If I were to list my inspirations it would probably include: Jimmy Marble, Handjazz, Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze, Kid Cudi, Jimmy Turrell, Ian Keltie and Roy Cranston, to name a few.

Could you talk us through the process of creating one of your digital collages and the tools you use?

The process is something I feel is an ever-changing thing. However, personally I always start with me. I often create from feelings, so I try to look at myself to draw inspiration from a particular feeling or point of view. I feel my success has been down to the raw honesty and relatability of my work, which is why it's important to start with the why.

Once I establish the subject matter, I then work with my tone of voice and work to cement this by searching for images to collage together that help build and convey the subject. Once I have my composition, I'll jump across to Illustrator to develop my typography. I'll then tie this together and smash Photoshop to create my colour palette for the piece. It's a simple process that starts from the heart.

@analogbynat (2).jpg

Looking to the future, where do you see yourself in five years time? Additionally, do you have any exciting projects coming up in 2020?

Great question. I'm lucky to produce collage work for AnalogbyNat but also work as a Creative at the agency Bumbl in Ouseburn. I'm super lucky to have such a supportive team there so I genuinely see myself continuing to learn from them and I'm confident in helping us become one of the leading North East agencies. AnalogbyNat will continue to flourish, I hope, and I just want to continue to help and inspire my audience. Working with the brands I have is just a bonus.

In terms of 2020, I can't give much away, but I've just wrapped work with one of the biggest brands in the world and continue to have exciting talks with some super cool and ambitious people. It's an equally exciting and bonkers time for me.

As a final remark, what are some words you like to live by?

Haha, this is a tough question! I can't think of words to live by. But I made a deliberate shift in my attitude towards day-to-day life early last year. I made a conscious effort to stop worrying about the maybe's and just focus on the actualities of my life. I think once we make peace with the fact we cannot control every outcome, we start to give less of a fuck and just deal with the hand we’re dealt.

@analogbynat (3).jpg

Make sure to check out more of Nathan’s colourful collages and motivating messages over on his Instagram @analogbynat.


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