One of our cushion competition winners - Amber Davenport took over our Ohh Deer Instagram last Wednesday! She gave us a little in-sight into her day and even introduced us to her cat, Fred.

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Hi! I’m Amber, I’ll be taking over Ohh Deer’s Instagram today!⠀

I’m an Illustrator and Surface Pattern designer from Manchester and am currently studying in the final year of my degree at Manchester School of Art. Along side this I run a little etsy shop called Ambers Textiles! I love plants and my cat Fred, who will hopefully be making an appearance here later on today!

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10:30 am

I start my day (later than I should) packing up prints ready to be posted. This is one of my favourite parts of what I do, I’m a sucker for a nice bit of twine.⠀

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11:30 am

Post Office time! Its sunny today so I decided to take the scenic route today down the Bridgwater canal.

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1:30 pm

It’s definitely time for lunch now… and also time to give my super sassy friend a little bit of attention. Fred keeps me company during long days at my desk by knocking my pencils on the floor and sitting in my paint.

Post 5.jpg

3:00 pm

Ok, finally time to start painting. I generally prefer to start painting later on in the day after getting all the other stuff out of the way. Here’s my desk, with a few of my favourite plants! (Which yes has been cleaned for this photo).⠀

Post 6.jpg

5:30 pm

Still at my desk and will be for a little while longer yet. I usually work through the evening, mainly because I love what I do!⠀ ⠀
So I thought I’d leave you with a little work in progress shot of what I’m working on at the moment, there’s going to be a greenhouse in the white area! ⠀

Hope you all enjoyed my takeover!⠀


Follow Amber on Instagram at @amberstextiles or check out her Etsy where you can buy the Jungle Greenhouse print > @AmbersTextiles!

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