Over on the Ohh Deer Instagram, we like to show you the in's and out's of a creatives day. Last week it was Instagram user @sowiesowies! Wies let's us into her studio and gives us an insight into the Day In The Life of a potter and printmaker!

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9:00 AM

Early mornings start off great nowadays, because half a year ago we bought a house and I got to have my own studio! Pretty much all my mornings start with checking my e-mails, administration and checking for orders and setting out a plan for the day.⠀


11:00 AM

A lot of my time goes to packing orders for Etsy. Its one of my biggest and most important, my most steady income (always nice for an illustrator). Always while im cutting, printing and writing them i ask myself: why not print a bunch of thank you cards?! But I fall for the personal touch of it every time…


12:00 PM

Meet Pol!

This is a duckling we found that was left alone by her mother and we decided to raise her until she's big enough to make it on her own again. I absolutely love having her as a studio mate and I will miss her like crazy when she’s gone free.

She is always walking between my feet and cuddling up next to me. I have made her her own little place right on top of my desk, with a good view outside!

3 photo5-12.30am.jpg

12:30 PM

These are the materials I use every day. Rollers, linoleum, carving tools, ink etc. You don’t need much to get started with this medium and I think that is why I love it so much. It's so accessible, but so difficult at the same time, especially when working with multiple layers, thinking in reverse and mirroring. I also use a big printing press, which I just bought and my life has gotten so much easier!


3:00 PM

A reveal of one of my favorite prints. It's still is such a magical moment to lift up that paper!⠀

photo9-17.00 40.jpg

5:00 PM

Time to take all the orders to the Post Office, sometimes on days like this. It can be a lot and the logistics are always tricky. But it also gives me reasons to buy more bags or make more bags


6:00 PM

At the end of the day when everything is done and I can just sit back, I love wiring my ceramic lamps. It’s an easy task, but somehow I love it. My boyfriend does too, so sometimes a romantic night means us sitting on the couch, cutting wires and electrical cords...

5 fish.jpg

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