To kick off the month we had the incredibly talented Teresa (or @teeteeheehee) take over the Ohh Deer Instagram! Jam packed with beautiful threads and her creative space, see what she got up to below!

tee 2.jpg

Hello from Singapore :D it’s Teresa of @teeteeheehee here.

Since I work from my home, I am able to go to work right after getting out of bed. My bed is literally next to my work desk. The work table usually gets very messy during busy months like this, threads are strewn everywhere, drawers remain unclosed for easy access. Its super messy but I think I work best this way when everything is within sight. But of course, after each project I tidy up my work space as a kind of 'reset' to the visuals so i'm ready to start on the next project with fresh eyes.


10:00 am

Usually I start with working on the computer first, this means replying emails and sending out quotations and invoices. Admin stuff. After that is done, I move on to my work pile which looks like this. I work for about 2-3 hours before needing to go on a break for the eyes and my back. Sitting down for too long hurts my back so I take this time to go for lunch and/or running errands.


1:30 pm

I'm at my local Spotlight store where I buy most of my materials from. Today I have to choose specific thread colors for my next project. Usually before buying things related to colors I will create a color mood board to keep me focused because seeing so many colors at once can get me very distracted. Having the color mood board with me when I buy materials helps me to stay 100% focused on buying only what I need.


2:30 pm

OK so now i have the colors I need, I can start on this piece for a client. This is a work in progress of a piece that will be a mixed media digital design.

photo5- workinprogress.JPG

5:00 pm

In the midst of working on private and corporate commission projects, I try to find time to work on my own personal projects. This is a work in progress of a project that Im starting this year to create awareness on the amount of plastics we use. Sometimes when we purchase a product, like lets say... a portable charger, it comes in a nice fancy plastic packaging. I cant refuse the plastic packaging if I need the product. So I call these "accidental plastics", and I use them to create textures like this. My goal is to create one every month to use up all the plastic that unfortunately falls in my hands.


01:00 am

I sleep very late, usually at about 3am. My leisure time starts from 1am when its quiet, this is the best time for me to write and reflect on the day. Also before I sleep, I need to meticulously plan what I will do the next day. After writing and planning, I reward myself with some quiet reading time. I love reading so much because I feel it transports me to another place and time. Its my favourite time of the day. :) OK thats it from me here. Thank you for joining me today! ⠀

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