How To Promote Your Pillow Fight Submissions

How To Promote Your Pillow Fight Submissions

So more people can see and vote on your Pillow Fight designs, we’ve created an easy-to-use template you can download to promote your design! Just follow the steps in this blog to upload your pillow to our template and post it to your Instagram feed or story.

Head to our Submissions Page to enter your designs or read the Pillow Fight competition brief to find out everything you need to know about it.


1. Select the Photoshop template you want to download using the buttons below.

2. Open the template and drag your completed artwork onto it, placing the layer above ‘Clip artwork to this layer.’

3. Press ‘Ctrl T’ and the transform outline should appear around your artwork.

4. Holding ‘Ctrl,’ drag the corners of your artwork to the red dots.

5. Press ‘Enter’ and switch your blending mode on your artwork layer from ‘normal’ to ‘multiply.’

6. Right-click your artwork on the layers tab and select ‘Clipping Mask’

7. Hide the dots layer and save your work.

8. Post the template to your Instagram story or feed and tag us!

The finished template should look like this:

Pillow-Fight-Mock-Up-SQ (1).jpg

Be sure to tag us (@ohhdeer and @ohhdeercompetitions) in any of your posts using the template so we can see your awesome designs! The more your design is seen, the better chance you have of winning, so get sharing.

Check out all of the Pillow Fight submissions so far over at Ohh Deer and vote on or purchase your favourites. Stay up to date with all the latest Pillow Fight news by following @ohhdeercompetitions.

The Pillow Fight ends on March 6th. The faster you submit your designs, the more time people will have to vote on them. Good luck!


Pillow Fight 2020: Competition Brief

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