Instagram can be a very inspiring yet saturated place, with so much content it can sometimes be hard to discover the creative posts you're after. On this lovely blog of ours we thought it would be a nice idea to share some Instagram love, and blog about an account worth following once in a while. This week its @floralsandflossembroidery!

Alexandra posts beautiful images of her hand-stitched embroidery and shares photos of her workspace. A feed filled with botanicals, nature and calming tones, it's one to follow!

Alexandra states that her patterns are "inspired by nature and where i'm from". They're even available as PDF downloads on her Etsy shop!


"This 10000000% is NOT what a normal "workday" looks like for me. I typically work in stolen moments while watching kids shows with my kiddo, or cuddled up under my daylight lamp late at night after he's asleep. But today my hubby took him out of the house for a few hours so I'm sprawled out in bed, leisurely working and indulging in a giant meringue from @sugaredandspiced šŸ˜Š I hope your Saturday can be as indulgent as mine, friends ā¤ļøšŸŒæ"

You can see that Alexandra puts 100% love into her feed and products, go and check her out guys! Click - @floralsandflossembroidery

Who would you like to see featured? Comment below!

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