A Sneak Peek Into June 2022's Artful Box

A Sneak Peek Into June 2022's Artful Box

You Asked And We Listened


The latest art box from Artful, is on its way this June. Many of you have been shouting from the roof tops suggesting this theme, so here we go! The next box from Artful is gouache. 


Gouache paint is a water media often described as a 'opaque watercolour' that provides precision. full, flat colour coverage and crisp edges. 




Artful is a quarterly art box that’s created for artists by artists. As always, this box is packed with professional tools that won’t limit the experienced artist, and accompanied with a magazine that will guide anyone of any skill level through the key principles of this medium.


Our latest box contains a collection of gouache paints, brushes and advanced resources worth over £100. Scroll on for a full breakdown of the contents.


The gouache box is available from June at Artful.co.uk.


Contents of The Box:


  • 12 x Artful Gouache Paints


RRP £50.00


A fantastic vibrant selection of smooth, rich gouache paint tubes.


We have painstakingly selected the colour palette so the range is large enough for you to use for any of your paintings.


With the spectrum provided, you can create swatches of other tones and hues if you mix together your different colours.


  • 4 x Artful Paintbrushes


RRP £23.35


4 paintbrushes to add to your ever-growing collection!


5/0 - 4.5mm  Hair Length Used for very small details


#3 - 12.5mm Hair Length  Used for details


#1 - 30mm  Hair Length   Used for long lines and smooth curves


#3 Angle - Good for general painting and clean edges.


  • Artful  F Pencil 


RRP £1.50


We have included an F pencil, which has a very light application when used, meaning any sketches or guidelines you draw can be swiftly obscured when you begin painting.


Gouache paint is incredibly opaque, so you should easily be able to paint over your initial construction lines.


  • Artful A4 Drawing Pad


RRP £14.50


30 sheets of A4 330gsm acid-free, premium heavyweight textured paper. Suitable for pencil, pen, watercolour, gouache, ink, calligraphy and pastels.


  • 4 x Artful Blank Greeting Cards & Envelopes


RRP £4


280gsm uncoated Fedrigoni board, suitable for wet and dry media. Slight texture. Plus Kraft envelopes!

  • Artful magazine


RRP £7.95


Over 100 pages of interviews, tutorials and inspiration. 

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