How To Make Your Home Happier Using Colour

How To Make Your Home Happier Using Colour

Do you have fond memories of your childhood bedroom? Does your favourite restaurant make you feel hungry and happy? The colour of places and environments can heavily weigh in on our emotions, often playing a large part in how we remember our experiences.

There are plenty of scientific studies to support this. Evidence shows the use of colour can alter your mood to make you feel happier, reduce stress or stimulate the mind. If you want to introduce some colour to make your home a happier place, keep on reading.

Add warmth and excitement with orange

Not only can the colour orange make you feel energetic, but it also stimulates the appetite. Additionally, it also prompts communication and interaction - perfect for a place where you dine with friends. You can easily add more orange to your kitchen by introducing colourful utensils or hanging bright art prints on your wall.

Yellow - the colour of happiness and sunlight

It’s common knowledge that the colour yellow is upbeat and friendly, but it’s also the most uplifting colour. Reports show the colour helps to release the chemical serotonin which contributes to feeling happy - even more of a reason to add yellow to your home. However, lots of yellows can feel overpowering, so add small accents of it around your home for the greatest effect. For an easy way to do this, grab one of our coasters.

Inspire passion and confidence with red

One of the post passionate colours, red is known for making you feel bold and confident. It’s a great way to draw attention to your room. Adding red into a living space makes the room feel welcoming and creates the perception of warmth, ideal during these winter months. And to take feelings of warmth even further, there’s nothing better than a hot drink.

Green mimics nature

Green’s soothing connotations can bring contentment to your life, and as it mimics nature it can help boost your concentration and relaxation. For this reason, it is often associated with feelings of rest and relaxation; it makes you feel calm and prepared for a good night’s sleep - the perfect colour for a bedroom. And a more restful sleep is sure to lead to being happier!

Be productive with blue

The colour blue can be beneficial to both the mind and body, inspiring calmness and productivity. Therefore, adding blue to your home office is a sure way to get you feeling motivated! Try adding blue chairs or small pops of colour with bottles, stationery, and accessories.

A Dash of Every Colour

Don’t forget that a great way to add colour to your home is with flowers. You can choose a mixture of all of the colours above. What’s more, nature is known to make you feel happier, so fresh flowers are a sure winner.

And you don’t need to paint all four walls a different colour. Simply adding a dash of each throughout your home is a great (and easy) way to boost the happiness of your home.

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