If you’re after some weird and wonderful graphics, Alycia Rainaud is ya’ gal. With her tangible work inspired by her moods, feelings and even dreams, Alycia’s talent expands beyond the norm. Our Papergang box this April features a selection of Alycia’s work, allowing your stationery collection to have that bit more ‘edge’. We’ve been dying to know how Alycia creates her art and other mysteries, find out more below!


Hey there Alycia!

Your work is something that we absolutely adore! With it being so unique to current design themes out there, the Malavida approach is something we can all get behind. What was the spark for you to start creating these groovy images? Have you always been interested in the more obscure and trippy nature of design?

Hello there! Thank you so much for the kind words, it truly means the world to me to see that so many people understand and appreciate my work. Being a graphic designer in the first place, I’ve also always been drawn to abstract and experiments in general. As far as I remember, before creating Malavida, I started playing with textures and visual effects for my graphic design projects while I was in school. I truly wanted to, one day, be able to build my own identity, based on the things I like and the way I am as a person. This trippy yet dark vibe has always been a part of my life, so I guess that my style and designs had to convey these aspects, in order to stay as true to myself as possible.

This trippy yet dark vibe has always been a part of my life.

Believe it or not, but at the beginning I used to mainly work with my first true loves, black and white. I was playing a lot with photographs and visual effects such as distortions, noises, blurs … But I wasn’t really allowing myself to play with colours, maybe because I didn’t feel confident enough. It took me a while to get into this process and learn more about the way I wanted to use colour schemes in a darker way. I started working more and more in a tangible to digital way, including new methods in my routine, discovering new techniques to build my own creative process. That is basically how I decided to create Malavida, an art-oriented account allowing me to experiment daily beside my graphic design work. But of course, in the end, everything is connected.


We’re sure you get asked this a lot, (without giving away your secrets) how do you go about creating your images? Do you work directly into programs like Photoshop or start with a good old pen and paper?

As mentioned previously, my work always has this tangible to digital dynamic. I usually start by working with a mix of different types of paints, inks, and materials to create a base movement and vibe. In this step, I’m not bothering too much with the colours or displacements to look perfect. The second step is digitalizing the artwork through a scanner or a camera, and then moving on to my favourite part, post-production. This third step is all about movements enhancements and adding all these signature vibrant colours. To achieve this effect, I usually work with algorithms, 3D software such as Cinema 4D and of course Photoshop. I guess I could achieve a similar result with lots of other techniques, but that’s mainly how I work on a daily basis at the moment :)

It’s so interesting to hear that you work with raw materials initially! One thing that I’m sure everyone will agree on is how vibrant your work is. Out of your incredible spectrum, what is your favourite colour to work with?

The hardest question ever! If holographic was considered as a single color, I would have picked this answer for sure. I’m truly obsessed with this, if I see something holo, it's an instant buy. I always get inspired by these amazing shifting colours, which I try to reproduce on my own colour schemes. It’s really hard for me to choose a single shade, considering the fact that my work is multi-chromatic. It usually depends on my mood too. If I had to choose, looking closer at my work, I can see that most of the designs are including a variation of pink/purple. So I guess I’d be inclined to say that this would be my favourite colour to work with.

If I see something holo, it’s an instant buy. I always get inspired by these amazing shifting colours, which I try to reproduce on my own colour schemes.

Holographic forever please. What does your creative work space look like? Are you a messy designer or one who loves things to be neat and tidy?

I recently moved in a new studio flat in Paris since August 2018. Before I used to live in a big apartment in the south of France, which means I had a lot of space to work and an entire creative room. Moving on really challenged me to get rid of a lot of extra materials and tools, and go back to basics. As my new flat is also my work space, I had to arrange a small but functional work area. I’m working on this tiny but cute IKEA desk where I attached a drawer on the left to stock some extra tools and my new practical laser printer which helps me to create some cool handmade holographic prints, along with my laminator. There’s also a bunch of coloured (felt)pens and pencils, indeed some of them don’t work but I just keep them there and I don’t know why. Then there’s the tools I spend most of my time with, my laptop and glasses. I also confess that I have too many notebooks, to-do lists and planners as I am a really organized and maniac person. Everything needs to be at the right place :)


What/who are your creative inspirations?! Do you find joy in other peoples design or get inspired by certain shapes and colours?

As many other creatives, I’m always looking for inspiration. I guess that, visually speaking, my work is influenced by obvious shapes and colours such as nature, space, pareidolia effects, oil spills, and of course holographic. But to me, it’s more about what goes on behind the scenes. I usually create artworks because of a certain mood, a feeling, an aspect of life’s complexity, a dream, a song. I’ve always been interested and inspired by psychology, active imagination process brought by Jungian therapy, and generally speaking by mental health. It’s all about expressing ⏤abstract⏤ things. But of course, thanks to exhibitions, creative platforms, and encounters, I get a lot inspired by other amazing creators. I discovered so many talented artists and designers for the past two years on all platforms, and their work is so motivating and captivating. From my favourites, I could easily mention the amazing abstract works of Davy Evans, the color palette of Nick Thomm and the mind-blowing 3D renders of Alexy Préfontaine — Aeforia —

I usually create artworks because of a certain mood, a feeling, an aspect of life’s complexity, a dream, a song.

What direction would you like to see your work going in the future? More fun collaborations or even adding more elements to your process?

This year, I really want to take my work to another level and always experiment more. Of course in the first place, I have a lot of new incredible collabs in the making with stunning designers and artists. Besides that, I'm also working on handmade limited edition holographic prints, the Holo Session. On another hand, I always wanted to learn more about 3D renders, so this is definitely on my to-do list. Plus, as an underlying guideline, I would like to do more mixed graphic design/art projects. Including music designs, abstract posters, typography, limited edition apparels, and finally set a real branding identity that could include both Alycia Rainaud and Malavida together.


So excited to see where your work will go Alycia! Along with your awesome Papergang box, you also have a brilliant new greeting card collection with Ohh Deer. What is your favourite design in the range? We love the holo foiling (obvs).

I’m really grateful to be part of the Ohh Deer adventure. I used to be a huge fan of all the stationery and it’s such a blast for me to be able to design cool things here. The greeting cards are really nice and of course, you know me by now, I stan the holo foiling! I think that my favourite would be the “Damn you’re old“ one. Thanks for having me on board :)

Thanks so much Alycia!

Where to find Malavida…
Instagram @maalavidaa


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