So, what do you get if you cross the road trip of a life time, with fabulously talented illustrator Jacqueline Colley? Well, the incredible January Papergang Box of course! From tiny doodles of Cadillacs, to gigantic jungle patterns, we chat to Jacqueline about her process and journey as a creative.


Greetings Jacqueline!

It’s safe to say that here at Ohh Deer, everyone is a fan of your illustrations. Whenever we see new work it’s a sea of “ooooh" around the office! We love it all! One thing that ties all your work together is your bright and feminine colour palette – was it a natural progression towards these colours, or something more conscious?

Wow! You guys are too nice, I’m blushing!! I definitely LOVE colour and can’t get enough of it! I’m always keen to experiment with new colour combos, perhaps my background in Women’s Fashion; working with palettes and making colour ways had some sub conscious influence!


Many of your prints are produced via risograph, would you say this is your favourite printing process to bring your work to life, or something more textile based like your Oasis x London Zoo patterns?

Funnily enough it’s the colours that attracted me to risograph printing; they are so vibrant and it’s so interesting experimenting with overlays, you have to really think and edit back your design and I always think that is an exciting process. My textile background means I am biased and always love to see my designs on fabric like the Oasis x ZSL collection which was a dream to illustrate and watch come to life!

It’s the colours that attracted me to risograph printing

When looking at your work, it’s hard to tell what the main medium it is you use. With so many elements bringing the piece to life, how do you go about your process and what is your go-to tool?!

I normally start with hand drawing and use posh felt tips like Copic Markers (They are the best!) I also love brush pens, Pentel do my fave cartridge refill one! My go-to tool has to be Photoshop everything ends up in there for finishing / colouring or to put into repeat!

Regarding the new Palm Springs / Roadtrip range – what was your favourite thing to bring to life? (Ours has to be the tiny cowboy!) And what was the main inspiration behind the range?

Palm Springs is my spiritual home >.< I’ve decided! I finally took a road trip there in 2016 and it totally surpassed my expectations; the architecture, the cacti varieties it feels like a fantasy, it couldn’t possibly be real life! I want to go back sooo bad!! So to placate myself I put all my favourite things into a ‘Palm Springs’ print, I then made the accompanying ‘road trip’ print about our ‘Pilgrimage’ there! :D Fave thing is probably the Flamingo Pool Float! Believe it or not I really reigned myself in, I could have added so much more!

Believe it or not I really reigned myself in, I could have added so much more!

Tell us a bit about your background – How did you become the creative you are today and what triggered you into taking the big step of becoming an illustrator?! Adding to this, what has been the most rewarding part of your career so far and what 3 life-lessons have you learnt along the way?

I studied Visual Communication at Chelsea and luckily got onto a graduate scheme with H&M so for the next 6 years I worked as a textile designer. I went freelance in 2014 and have been slowly infiltrating my way into Illustration ever since! In 2017 I won Mollie Makes ‘Best Illustrator’ which was amazing and gave me the confidence to refer to myself as an Illustrator (which was what I always secretly wanted to be!)

So… Life lessons eek!; Follow your instincts, Always be learning and challenging yourself! This is my New Years Resolution! Also you can NEVER have too much stationery! =D

I won Mollie Makes ‘Best Illustrator’ which was amazing and gave me the confidence to refer to myself as an Illustrator

Finally, a nice and easy question, what is your favourite animal?!

Red Pandas, they are the perfect animal; Half baby bear, half cat! (note: not scientifically accurate!)

Cheers Jacqueline!


You can follow Jacqueline on Instagram @jacquelinecolley or check out her portfolio at

Don’t forget to get hold of her Papergang box - sign up here!

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