It’s National Stationery Week this week and to celebrate we have interviewed some awesome up-and-coming influencer’s who are all going through exams, to give you some insightful advice on preparing for those dreaded days!


Today we are talking to Evie Flynn, a 16 year old A Level student and YouTuber. Evie currently has over 29k subscribers on her YouTube channel where she makes videos for students like her to help with exams and provide tips and tricks that will help students survive the dreaded exam season (her words not mine). Evie is currently studying for her first year A Level exams in History, Sociology and Psychology.


So Evie, we should start by asking you why you started your YouTube channel?
I think I wanted to have a hobby which I really love, which wasn’t anything I HAD to do. My YouTube channel is my passion project and somewhere I can fully be myself. Another major reason was to help other student and create a sort of support system to help us through exams and revision. I am in no way an expert in these fields, but I do know a bit about exam stress and wanted to share my advice!

What do you do to prep for exams?
I try to keep calm. I find no point in making myself revise if I’m stressed and anxious, and definitely won’t perform well if I take those feelings into the exam hall with me! In terms of revision, I try to look at as little information as possible in the days before the exam by condensing my notes down further and further. This technique is so helpful and makes you really think about what information is key!

How do you keep motivated through exam season?
The truth is I don’t. I always have down days like everyone else where I do feel overwhelmed and unmotivated! I think the key is to recognise when you are having ‘one of those days’ and bounce back harder the next day. Another form of motivation for me (and a lot of people) is personal goals. Use these goals to really push yourself to be the best you can be…I believe in you!

What advice would you give to someone struggling through their exams?
Run a bath. Relax. Binge watch that television series and forget about them for an evening, maybe two. During exam season, the worst thing you can be doing is stressing yourself out by constantly focusing on exams. I loved going for long walks by myself during my GCSE exams, sounds a bit lonely but give it a go, you will be surprised at how much it actually helps! Remember that exam season in only one short period of your life, it will be over!

What are your go-to stationery items for exam prep?
I love a good planner or diary! At the moment I am using the one I received in my Papergang subscription box to organise my life. This is great for exam season to keep organised and timetable my revision. Sticky notes are also great to help me put key information in the most random places to help me perfect my recall. Put a sticky note with an equation on your door, every time you leave the room, recall that equation…this is great for on the go revision.

Quickfire Round:

Dogs vs cats?
Cats. I love dogs too but cats have a special place in my heart.

Fave stationery item?
Ooh hard one. Anything pastel. I love my pastel highlighters, pastel coloured pens and sticky notes.

Sweet or savoury?
Definitely sweet. Although, as I’m Vegan now, I have grown to appreciate savoury food a lot more.

Best revision snack?
Chopped up banana and almond butter- divine.

Fave song right now?
Anything from Khalid- my fave is probably American Teen.

You can check out Evie’s YouTube and Instagram here!

Ohh Deer’s top revision tips:

  1. We know it’s hard to part with your phone but make an effort to put it in another room…you will thank yourself later!

  2. Place sticky notes with key facts around your house and recite them every time you walk past them - this is great for on-the-go revision. You can check out our sticky notes on our website here (remember all stationery is 3 for 2 this week).

  3. It’s all about quality not quantity. Set yourself task based roles not time based e.g. do 2 past papers not 5 hours of unproductive work.

  4. Make it fun! Get together with your friends, quiz each other, don’t take revision too seriously!

  5. Pretend to teach someone else the information, or rope in a friend or family member. This is a great technique to help you revise as we learn 95% of what we teach to others compared to 10% of reading alone!


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