It’s National Stationery Week this week and to celebrate we have interviewed some awesome up-and-coming influencer’s who are all going through exams, to give you some insightful advice on preparing for those dreaded days!


Today we are talking to Noo Stenning, a 19 year old university student studying Biochemistry at Bath University. Noo’s YouTube channel currently has over 24k subscribers, where she makes videos about everything from beauty to studying and university life.


So Noo, why did you start your YouTube channel?
I started my channel a very long time ago in secondary school when honestly YouTube just wasn’t a big thing. It’s so interesting to think of other people’s answers to this as lots of them were inspired by other people once it was more popular but I honestly just liked talking and wanted to have a chat about the things I loved!

What do you do to prep for exams?
To prep for exams I tend to try and get really on top of exactly what I have to do - who doesn’t love a good list! I also make sure I’m in good physical health too, plenty of sleep, continue to exercise, eat well but also eat things I enjoy because exam season is stressful enough without getting to have the snacks that you like! Snacks get me through the exam season!

How do you keep motivated through exam season?
I stay motivated by thinking of the end goal and how I don’t have to work so hard for much longer. A few fun evenings off and snacks along the way helps too…This year my birthday is during revision time so I’m looking forward to that to get me through.

What advice would you give to someone struggling through their exams?
The best thing I can say is to put things into perspective, it will be over soon and to just try your absolute hardest whilst you can. Talk to other people in a calm way, you’ll find they may also be struggling and you aren’t alone. If you’re at university, give your parents a call, it always helps me to talk to them.

What are your go-to stationery items for exam prep?
I’m a computer girl normally but also a massive fan of little sticky notes to mark important pages and when I do write things down, those pens with multiple colours that you switch at the top…not sure what they care called!

Quickfire Round:

Dogs vs cats?

Fave stationery item?
Post-it notes are a go to!

Sweet or savoury?

Best revision snack?
Popcorn (it’s just so moreish) .

Fave song right now?
I’m a musical theatre nerd so at the moment the whole of the Six album (history revision?!) but I’m also loving Bury A Friend by Billie Eilish.

You can check out Noo’s YouTube and Instagram here!



I love the Neon Amber Daily Planner, its so handy to keep track of all my meetings and day-to-day tasks I have!


My fave stationery items are the cute frog notepad and sticky notes! Who doesn’t love matching stationery!!!


I always use sticky notes to remind me to do tasks and the adorable panda ones are my favourite! I also love highlighters to highlight key information I can’t forget…these pastel ones are nice because they aren’t too bright!


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