Education is often a huge part of all our lives. Without it, where would we be? When we think back to the days where exams and homework ruled our lives, it’s easy to dismiss just how much teachers had to endure and how much we owe them.

To show some appreciation to the educators in our lives, we asked some of the Ohh Deer team to share their fondest, funniest or favourite memories of their former teachers.

Mads Taylor - Designer, Communications Assistant and Hand Model

“My favourite teacher ever was my graphic design teacher at college called Ben. He really worked hard in order to inspire us and spent a lot of time outside of our lessons helping us achieve some really great things. He was just one of those teachers that really cared and made sure everyone achieved the best that they could. Even after I left college, he still stayed in touch and gave me advice on things within the field, in fact he gave me advice on the interview for this very job! I owe him a lot.”

Jozef Prusinski - Master of Finances

“Merci à mon professeur de français. Je ne peux toujours pas parler la langue. Cependant, Google Translate fonctionne très bien. Merci mon Dieu pour la technologie.”

Thank you to my French teacher. I still cannot speak the language. However, Google Translate works very well. Thank you, God, for the technology.

Teacher Quote Miles Cant

Miles Cant - Computer Wizard and Tech Guru

“I had a teacher at college called Hash. Maths wasn't my strongest point, but he just had this way of sitting down with you and making it all make sense. He was super supportive and always made time for anyone that needed help, even if it hindered his day. At the time I was also freelancing web development and he runs a charity outside of being a teacher, so he let me create a website for him which is partly what got me to working here and within this industry. I’m super thankful for his support and for seeing something in me. What more could you ask for in a teacher?”

Amy Lesko, Quirky Designer Extraordinaire

“I'd like to thank Mr.Palmer from Biology. You really tried to push me and get that Level 5. However, when I admitted to you that Biology really didn't mean that much to me, you really understood that no matter how hard you tried I would not achieve that goal. Thank you for letting me be and being happy with my mediocre level 4.”

Liam Magennis - Lunch Squad Leader and Account Manager

“I’d like to say thank you to my teacher, Charlotte Cooney. I once fell asleep in the darkroom during my GCSE Photography exam for 6 hours. She pulled me out of classes for the entire week to make sure I had some work to submit. Ended up getting a C! Needless to say, she wouldn't let me on the A-level course…”

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Got a favourite memory or funny story of your own? Be sure to head over to our Twitter or Insta and share it with us!

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