Meet the dog duo that are stealing everyone's hearts. Gumbo and Aslan (and new addition, Maple!) are inseparable. Their feed is filled with beautiful adventures; from forest hikes to beach days, we can't get enough! Make your heart melt by following them at @mycaninelife.





Obviously we couldn't not include our very own office dogs. Finley and Scout are a pair of miniature sausages that like to parade around Ohh Deer HQ. Finley likes to bark at his biscuit, whereas Scout enjoys dropping his treats down the grate. Simple minds eh? Keep up to date with their office antics at @finleyandscout.



This Norwegian cloud goes by the very suitable name of Ghost. He is the most floofy of the doggos and we love his little snow booties. Have you ever wanted to squish anything with love more?! He even has his own Spotify playlist. Follow Ghost @ghost_the_samoyed.





Artist and foodie, Olia, runs a hella pretty Insta. With shots of her life heavily featuring her tiny four-legged companion Cookie, she's worth the follow. Her mix of art, plants and food are to die for, and it's made 10x better with the help of Cookie! @ps.ny.




Sometimes it's nice to break the pace. Instead of real dogs, how about illustrated dogs instead?! John Bond is the master behind bringing the four-legged to life. His illustrations are filled with personality, in a recent blog interview John states "I do love dogs! Their characters, personalities, shapes, movements. I relate myself as being quite dog-like too. I eat a lot, I like walks and I can be pretty lazy." John is the creative behind July's Papergang box too! - Read more here. Follow John @iamjohnbond.





Joey is the most beautiful husky we have ever seen. How is it possible to be this good-looking?! With eyes as blue as ice pools, we have fallen head over heels. Joey is a female sled dog in training and loves a flower garland. See all of Joey's adventures at @thehuskyjoey.





Well of course we needed a Shiba in the mix. We thought let's not offer just one, but TWO! Two little loafs. These two bread beans are captured in everyday life, snoozing, borking and most of all, being best friends. See more of Zero and Mika at @zero.mika.

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