Our October Artful Daily Challenge Favourites!

Our October Artful Daily Challenge Favourites!

It’s November. The best time of the year has come to an end. But it's not all sour! ‘Why?’ I hear you ask, ‘what could possibly be good about the spooky season leaving us once again?’ Well, my friend, a new month means we can spotlight our favourite artful daily challenges from the last month, of course, and that’s always exciting! 

October saw some incredible entries and it was great to see everyone get so involved with the Halloween season, a totally underrated holiday in my humble opinion. From werewolves to witches, from zombies to pumpkins - we kept it scary this October.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our Top Picks for October’s Artful Daily Challenges! 

As always, we had an insanely beautiful entry from @luisa.disarno.948 - she created this truly gorgeous painting using our very own artful watercolour paints with the prompt ‘candle’. There is never a moment I’m not impressed with Luisa’s work. Go give her a follow!





We had a few amazing entries for our ‘Scarecrow’ brief. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s so impressive to me that with every prompt there is not one piece that looks the same! 


On that note, the first scarecrow I wanted to spotlight was one by the incredibly talented @christophski - if you read our last daily challenge blog you’ll know just how wonderful this artist is. Christophski’s preferred medium is lino printing, and there’s a reason for that - he’s great at it! I honestly couldn’t tell you which part of this print I like best; the crow, the scarecrow or the pumpkin head… they all look fantastic! Amazing work, Christophski! 





Another artist who entered their work for our prompt ‘Scarecrow’ was the wonderful @popeyebythesea - another very talented artist you may recognise from the last artful challenge blog. I absolutely adore this entry, it’s an incredible piece and is also slightly… Well, scary! You can’t tell me those eyes AREN’T real. 


Go check them out!





What is Halloween without The Nightmare Before Christmas? It’s, like, the perfect film to transition into November. And that’s why I just had to ask you to create something inspired by ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. This was by far my favourite prompt just from the entries alone, there were so many good ones! 


Firstly, we have another piece by the wonderful Christophski - I told you, he’s talented! Just look at that incredible detail. I don’t even want to know how long it took to get those lines on Jack’s jacket so precise… amazing, just incredible! If you aren’t following him already, what are you doing? Go do it! 





This next ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ inspired piece is by @atiny.k.art one of my favourite artists on Instagram. Karo used our artful watercolours to create this gorgeous painting of Jack and Sally. Can we just appreciate for a second how beautiful it looks? Check out her page!





This last ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ piece is something we’ve never seen before. The lovely @kymgentleart went above and beyond this challenge and made earrings! Yes, earrings! These are truly incredible. I need them in my ears IMMEDIATELY. I’m obsessed! 


Go give her a follow and, whilst you’re at it, can someone steal those earrings for me? I have to have them, seriously. 





What is Halloween without ghosts? We gave you the prompt ‘Ghost’ - a very broad challenge, because we wanted to see where your creative juices took you. And, may I say, we weren’t disappointed. 


Spotlighting the lovely Karo again, @atiny.k.art created this painting and just… how cute?! If this (not so little) guy knocked on my door, I would fall in love on the spot. This artist is one for sure to follow, every piece by her is just wonderful.





Another piece following the prompt ‘Ghost’ was this one by @lilys_kleine_hobbykiste and I absolutely love it! I love the comic feel to it, the facial expressions are just perfect and the drawing itself has so much character! If this was on a card, I would buy it. Amazing work, Jacqueline. Go check out her page! 






Zombies. I love zombies!  Zombie movies, zombie games, zombie shows. Of course, in a real world situation, I don’t think I’d like zombies all that much. In fact, I’d be horrible in a zombie apocalypse… Have I used the word zombie too much? Anyway, the prompt! The prompt, and I’ll try to make this my last time saying it, the prompt was zombie! Who would have guessed, huh? 


The incredibly talented @mattiobrien created this simple yet beautiful sketch of a scene from ‘Night of the Living Dead’ using our artful mixed media paper. How he made a zombie drawing look so pleasing to the eye, I’m not sure. But I love it! 





Trick or Treat! What is Halloween without trick or treating? It’s what makes spooky month! And for that reason alone, I made it an artful daily drawing challenge. And let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed. 


Take a look at this adorable kitten in their Halloween costume! OK, maybe he’s not all that scary, but if this little guy came to my door, just take all of my candy. Don’t even get me started on the thought that both the kitten in the dinosaur costume and the dinosaur in the ghost costume came knocking on my door in one night… I’d melt on the spot. That’d be the end of me. Cuteness overload! 


This gorgeous painting was created with our artful watercolours by, once again, the wonderful @atiny.k.art - Halloween is sure her season! If the first two amazing creations didn’t convince you to check out her page, I’m not sure what will! Go show her some support! 





OK, I hate spiders. Before you attack me… I’m sure they’re lovely! I just hate everything about them. The way they move, the way they look, how huge some of them are - I mean come on! But what makes ‘Spooky Month’ spooky month? Spooky things, of course. And this next piece I found terrifying. Arachnophobiacs, look away now. 


This piece by @paulpuddifoot_art is horrifying but in the best sort of way. From what I can tell from the caption, he either recreated a scene from or was inspired by a film by the name of ‘Eight Legged Freaks’ - thanks for the heads up never to watch that film, Paul!


The piece itself looks really great, if my worst nightmare was a piece of art, it’d be exactly this. This all probably sounds very backhanded but I promise this artist really is fantastic, he has some amazing pieces over on his page! My personal favourite is either his Michael Myers or his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde piece. Go give him a follow! 





This next artist entered a gorgeous piece for our ‘Bat’ prompt. Check out this beautiful art by @about_a_bob using ink as their medium. I absolutely love it! They have some incredible stuff on their page and they’re insanely talented when it comes to animal pieces! Go check them out! 





For this last spotlight, and the last challenge of the month, I asked you to draw Mr. Halloween himself, Michael Myers. Nothing screams Halloween more than this iconic horror character. For this challenge especially, I really had to narrow down the sheer number of amazing entries - I was very impressed. And I had a very difficult time choosing my favourite, so thanks for that guys! Maybe you’re all a little too talented. 


I wanted to spotlight, however, a wonderful artist who has not yet appeared on our list. Check out this simple yet incredibly effective drawing by @artwi_tch - I just feel as though it captures the character perfectly. His features are all uncanny and the use of colour is just perfect! Bonus points for capturing that dead behind the eyes look too. Helen is a great artist and definitely deserves recognition, so go check her out! 





And with that, I suppose the spooky month is over. But fear not! We'll be back with a November edition of our Artful Daily Challenge Favourites next month! Let us know what your favourite prompt was this October and be sure to show support to the wonderful artists who participate. 


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