Our September Artful Challenge Favourites!

Our September Artful Challenge Favourites!

Here at Artful, we love seeing the work of our followers; that’s why we bring you an Artful challenge each day. There’s nothing like scrolling through our hashtag and seeing just how talented you all are and what’s even better is that no one piece is the same, despite having the same brief! 

From Lino printing to watercolour, from watercolour to gouache - you’ve all taken each challenge on board and made it your own. In fact, we love your work so much that we’ve decided to make showcasing your wonderful work a monthly feature! So, without further ado, our favourite entries for September! 

Draw a Peaceful Town 

With inspiration from @nyrimcrystal ; we asked you to draw us a peaceful town - real or fictional! And, surprise surprise, we had some incredible pieces sent to us. 


The very talented @luisa.disarno.948 showcased her skill with watercolour in a painting of her beautiful city - and somewhere I’ve always wanted to go - Burano, Venice. The gorgeous colours of the houses and the way she perfectly captured the reflection of the buildings in the water are just a few things that stood out to me.


Luisa is an amazing artist who often opts for watercolour as a medium, and in this particular painting she used our Artful watercolours and brushes! This artist never fails to show just how skilled they are and participates in almost every daily challenge - keep up the amazing work! And, if you don’t already, give her a follow! 




For such a specific brief, there were such a range of incredible and creative takes. Now, you’ll notice this a lot throughout the blog but I adored so many different entries that I couldn’t just pick one favourite - it’d be criminal! And, that’s why we’ve picked two pieces to showcase!


Hey, come on, don’t blame me, they’re just too good, my job is hard! 

The first piece is by the talented @arca_di_noah who took an incredibly creative route and created an adorable mushroom house and, if that wasn’t enough for you, an amazing mushroom king along with it. Using watercolour as a medium, they’ve been able to create what I can only describe as my dream house - seriously, how cute! Christiana creates gorgeous illustrations on their page, give them a follow! 


Next, the wonderful @valentina.dechirico.fineart looked at the brief from a totally different perspective. Combining the forest with the sea, this artist painted a beautiful whale covered in mushrooms. What really made this particular piece stand out to me wasn’t just their choice of bright, bold colours but also the way in which the final piece was presented - truly gorgeous! Valentina often takes part in our Artful challenges and never disappoints, check out her page! 



Draw a Pokémon! 

Now this was my favourite challenge of the month, hands down. This challenge saw some of the best pieces so far and so many of you participated! 

You may recognize this next artist’s name from the sheer amount of times we’ve reshared her work but she truly deserves all the recognition, @atiny.k.art made an incredible Charmander painting using our Artful acrylic ink - a change from their usual choice of watercolour; there’s no way you’d be able to tell that this isn’t their typical medium since the result is fantastic - I’m obsessed with how this painting turned out! What I love about Karo’s work is that they always show their process beside their final piece - I find it fascinating how an artist gets from A to B! Check her out! 



The final piece I wanted to spotlight is this amazing Detective Pikachu painting by @luisa.disarno.948 - when I first saw it, it truly took my breath away. Luisa used what looks like a mixture of watercolours and our Artful acrylic inks to get this amazing end result. Words cannot describe how impressed I am! 




Lost in the Woods

This theme sprung to mind after seeing a few beautiful paintings of the woods but I wanted to see what you could do with the idea that you’re not only in the forest but lost too; making it a great way to portray some strong emotions like fear or loneliness through the art - which I knew you talented humans would be great at. 

The artist I felt captured that theme the most is @valentina.dechirico.fineart who created an amazing scene using soft pastels, a medium we haven’t really seen thus far! From a simple art piece of a few trees and an eerie dark sky I was able to feel that emotion I was looking for - I absolutely love how it turned out! Well done again, Valentina! 



Draw your Furry Friend

I’ll be the first to admit, I may have been a little biased with this next theme. I’m a huge dog lover, what can I say? I asked you to draw your furry friend and one thing’s for sure, I fell in love with each and every one of your pets. 


The first piece I wanted to spotlight was a beautiful linocut of this adorable little guy who we think is named “Loki” judging from the caption, I mean come on, can you get any cuter?! This was created by the talented @seesaw49 using our Artful Lino Box.



This next one is for all the crazy cat lovers. I absolutely adored this wonderful piece created by @mijn.authentieke.zelf - this artist is responsible for one of my favourite pieces on the entire list! Check out their furry friend, Lapke, in this incredible watercolour/mixed media painting. I'm in love with the art style!


No, I’m not converting from dog to cat person but this little guy may have swayed me a little. 



Draw Space!

On day 9 we asked you to draw space - very broad, I know, but I was excited to see what you guys had to offer! To no one’s surprise (you’re all too talented), there were some beautiful entries but there was one piece that really stood out to me just based on how different it was to any other entries I had seen in all my time working here (mind you, that’s only 3 months but it was still great nonetheless!).


Look how wonderful this piece by @_.pearlart._ is! Tanya used our Artful gouache to create this gorgeous Earth and Mars piece in a journal type layout - I love it! Go check her out!




Draw Your Favourite TV Show Character 

There’s nothing better than settling down after a busy day and binge watching a TV series, and that’s exactly what inspired this next challenge. There were so many breathtaking entries for this challenge but I, with great difficulty, managed to narrow it down to one. 


The wonderful @christophski had an amazing entry on this challenge creating a Lino print of Phil Rosenthal. If I could write an entire blog about them and their work I would, they truly are talented. Christophski specialises in Lino printing and his skill really shines through with this piece. I can’t begin to fathom the dedication that must go into such a print but nonetheless, this looks amazing!


We’re always impressed with this artist’s work! This piece I was very impressed with simply due to the sheer amount of detail he included in his print. I can’t imagine the amount of work and dedication that went into it! In fact, this piece was so incredible that even Phil Rosenthal himself commented and shared his post! Well deserved!



Draw a Sweet Treat 

At this point, it was almost lunch time and I was incredibly hungry and, of course, I just had to ask you to draw me a sweet treat - it was all that was on my mind! There were some really delicious looking entries but there was one in particular I really craved…


A blueberry muffin created by the wonderful artist @seesaw49 using watercolours as their medium. Everything about this looked very tasty, and surprisingly realistic. Great job! 





I’m not sure what came over me when creating this challenge, I feel as though stranded shouldn't be a word that just springs to mind… slightly concerning, but anyway! Let's move ahead! 


For this challenge there was one entry that really stood out to me and that was a watercolour painting, once again, by the wonderful @seesaw49 . I love everything about this piece, from the shading of the ship to the reflection on the water. It’s so incredibly detailed. Somehow this artist made their painting really quite beautiful despite its dark theme, which is perhaps my favourite thing about it!



Draw Batman!

Pop Culture challenges are always my favourite - it’s fascinating to see all these familiar characters drawn in different styles, using different tools and techniques. And that’s exactly what we saw in our Batman daily challenge! 


A piece I found super impressive was the one created by @hunch_back_rat - not only has this specific print got incredible detailing but others on his page too, most notably his INSANE Catwoman design he did not too long ago. 



Another Batman drawing I had to share is this amazingly colourful one by the fantastic artist @holubiibenlea - their page is full of the most bright, eye-catching drawings I’ve ever seen and has to be one of my favourite artists on Instagram. This entry not only features Batman but some other awesome characters too and has an extremely unique art style. Fabulous! 



Give these incredible artists a follow! 


Draw Bugs Bunny!

Following on with the pop culture theme, I asked you to draw Bugs Bunny! There were some incredible entries (save some talent for the rest of us, people!) but there was one drawing that truly amazed me. 


Luisa has appeared on this list a few times, and for good reason! She is an insanely talented artist. And this Bugs Bunny painting really highlighted that. Just take a look at how incredible it is! From the colours, to the shapes, to the expression - everything about this painting is just perfect! 



Draw an Elephant

On day 23, I asked you to draw an elephant - where could I go wrong? They’re adorable and you guys are insanely talented! Every elephant I saw on our artful hashtag was so incredibly cute BUT there was one that really stole my heart. 


We’ve seen their incredible work before. @atiny.k.art created the most gorgeous, happy elephant I’ve ever seen in my life using our artful watercolour paints. I mean come on! Look at them playing with the butterflies. How sweet! I love everything about this painting. 



And, with that, we come to an end of our list of favourites for September’s daily artful challenges! Which was your favourite? Let us know! If you contributed to the challenge last month but didn’t pop up on our list, fear not! We’re planning on making this a regular feature on our blog so stay tuned! 


Want to check out some of the amazingly talented artists on our list? Visit their Instagram here!


@luisa.disarno.948 - https://www.instagram.com/luisa.disarno.948/?next=%2Fohhdeer%2Fsaved%2Fto-use%2F18182587708147597%2F


@arca.di.noah - https://www.instagram.com/arca_di_noah/?next=%2Fohhdeer%2Fsaved%2Fto-use%2F18182587708147597%2F


@valentina.dechirico.fineart - https://www.instagram.com/valentina.dechirico.fineart/?next=%2Fohhdeer%2Fsaved%2Fto-use%2F18182587708147597%2F


@atiny.k.art - https://www.instagram.com/atiny.k.art/?next=%2Fohhdeer%2Fsaved%2Fto-use%2F18182587708147597%2F


@seesaw49 - https://www.instagram.com/seesaw49/?next=%2Fohhdeer%2Fsaved%2Fto-use%2F18182587708147597%2F


@mijn.authentieke.zelf - https://www.instagram.com/mijn.authentieke.zelf/?next=%2Fohhdeer%2Fsaved%2Fto-use%2F18182587708147597%2F


@_.pearlart._ - https://www.instagram.com/_.pearlart._/?next=%2Fohhdeer%2Fsaved%2Fto-use%2F18182587708147597%2F


@christophski - https://www.instagram.com/christophski/?next=%2Fohhdeer%2Fsaved%2Fto-use%2F18182587708147597%2F


@hunch_back_rat - https://www.instagram.com/hunch_back_rat/?next=%2Fohhdeer%2Fsaved%2Fto-use%2F18182587708147597%2F 


@holubiibenlea - https://www.instagram.com/holubiibenlea/?next=%2Fohhdeer%2Fsaved%2Fto-use%2F18182587708147597%2F


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