Our Top Picks From Ohh Deer’s HUGE Not Black Friday Sale!

Our Top Picks From Ohh Deer’s HUGE Not Black Friday Sale!

Did you know Ohh Deer are having a HUGE (Not) Black Friday Sale? You didn’t? Seriously, have you been living under a rock?! Okay, that was sorta mean… but boy have you been missing out! “Can I still purchase all the amazing, fantabulous, spectacular things you have to offer?” I hear you say, well, fear not! Our sale has been extended for a whole week extra, meaning you can grab some incredible deals - why not treat yourself or… heck! It's September now -  practically Christmas if you ask me! Get in the festive spirit! 


30 Mystery Cards:

Starting off strong, my favourite deal on the list, mystery card bundles! For the small price of just £14.95 for 30 cards, this particular offer is incredibly practical. Who wouldn’t want to prepare for the new year? Never having to worry about missing a birthday or special occasion, never having to look high and low for the perfect card… saving a silly amount of money in the world’s current state! What more could you ask for? 


“I haven’t even bought my Christmas cards yet. Why would I buy cards ready for next year?” Well my friend, we just so happen to have to offer the very same deal specifically for Christmas… How fantastic! 



Mystery Sock Bundle:

If you have learnt anything from the last product, you’ll know I love a good mystery - true crime… Scooby-Doo… oh! And of course, Ohh Deer Mystery Sock Bundles! The element of surprise is unbeatable - am I going to be pleasantly surprised or left in pure horror? (actually, I really hope it’s the first option, I’d hate to find something horrific in my pair of socks). 


Let’s be real here for a second. Who doesn’t love a good pair of socks? Women? They wear socks. Men? Them too! Old people? Avid sock wearers. BABIES? Tiny sock users. 


Everyone loves socks. 


And during our (Not) Black Friday Sale, you can purchase 5 pairs of mystery, novelty socks for just £14.90 - which, if bought separately, would cost you a whopping £49.75. For those just as awful at maths as I am - that’s a HUGE 70% off and a £34.85 saving! 



Mystery Papergang Boxes:

Moving onto the thing I love most in the world… stationery. What? You were expecting maybe my mother? My dog?... MY PARTNER? Nothing can compare to stationery. Call me crazy, but there is nothing more beautiful than a crispy, fat scrapbook - the crunching as you turn through the pages, the bright colours of the beautiful Papergang pens and tape… tingles! 


Maybe your thing is an organised planner? Or a colourful notebook? Well, with a choice between 2, 5 or 10 Papergang boxes - you’re guaranteed to feel happiness like never before. Okay, so, maybe I’m being a little over dramatic but, come on, IT’S STATIONERY PEOPLE! 


These boxes make the perfect gift for the holiday season, or great for treating yourself! Not to mention the fact you can see how much you love our products before subscribing to a monthly box - how much more could you ask for?!


Grab a 2 Mystery Box Bundle for £19.95 (retail £39.95), 5 boxes for £39.95 (retail £99.75) or 10 for £69.95 (retailing at £199.50)! 


What a bargain! 



Mystery Stationery Tote:

One of the newer additions to our sale, after its extension (how exciting!), this one I'm REALLY excited about. I have a tote bag in every colour. No exaggeration. But a tote bag full of stationery?! GIVE IT TO ME NOW! Now, I know it's a mystery, but I can't help but want to know what's inside... rumour has it there are notebooks, pens, erasers, stickers and more. Well, actually, I happen to know exactly what's inside and that means I just so happen to know... you won't be disappointed. The items inside are some of my favourite! 



And that brings me to an end of our top picks from our Ohh Deer (Not) Black Friday Sale! Let us know if you’ve bought anything and stay alert for more upcoming blogs! 

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