Painting Huge Landscapes In Tiny Tins

Painting Huge Landscapes In Tiny Tins

Landscape artist Remington Robinson captures paintings of huge mountain ranges, vast lakes and soaring cityscapes all within the tiny dimensions of a mint tin.

Although based in Boulder, Colorado, Robinson has travelled all over and painted the beautiful landscapes he’s witnessed inside the tiny Altoids mint containers he carries with him.

inital sketch.jpg
final painting.jpg

After finding the perfect location, Robinson initially sketches the landscape prior to painting.

painting process.jpg

Beginning in 2017, Robinson first saw other people painting inside the small mint containers and sought to try it for himself as a portable way to paint.

Yukon River Miniature Painting @remingtonrobinson

Robinson uses a new container for each painting, leaving the leftover paint in the tin to dry and become part of the final art piece.

Mountain Range Miniature Painting @remingtonrobinson

The paintings take, on average, anywhere between 1-3 hours. However, some have taken as little as 30 minutes and others as much as 6 hours.

Mexico Miniature Painting @remingtonrobinson
Miami Miniature Painting @remingtonrobinson
Tiny Painting @remingtonrobinson

Robinson’s smallest painting to date. Dimensions 1” x 1.25” (2.54 x 3.175 cm).

Morning Lake Miniature Painting @remingtonrobinson
Red Flower Miniature Painting @remingtonrobinson
Lake Miniature Painting @remingtonrobinson
Snow Covered Car Miniature Painting @remingtonrobinson
yellow flower field Miniature Painting @remingtonrobinson
Beach Miniature Painting @remingtonrobinson
Cows Miniature Painting @remingtonrobinson

Keep up with Robinson by following his Instagram @remingtonrobinson where he regularly posts all of his latest miniature masterpieces! You can find our more about the artist at their site:


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