One thing close to our hearts here at Papergang is working in partnership with incredible charities. For June, we have collaborated with the Marine Conservation Society: the UK’s leading marine charity. With every box purchased, £1 will go towards saving our seas. To bring the partnership of Papergang and MCS to life, we enlisted our very own illustrator, Jack Carter, to put pen to paper. Find our interview with Jack below, but first let’s talk all things fish!



For over 25 years, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has been cleaning up and recording the litter found on UK beaches.

Our oceans are under threat from over fishing, lack of protection, and, worst of all, single-use plastic pollution.

Seabirds, turtles and whales can mistake pieces of plastic for food and eating it often results in starvation, poisoning and ultimately a slow, painful death.

In 2018, almost 15,000 volunteer cleaners at MCS’ annual Great British Beach Clean found more tiny little pieces of plastic and polystyrene than anything else on UK beaches. Almost 30% of the litter they recorded came from us. We’ve all had a hand in helping it get to the beach.

Changing the way we live today will help the oceans tomorrow.

Photography by Saeed Rashid

Photography by Saeed Rashid


“We are the UK’s leading marine charity.

Our Beachwatch, beach clean and survey programme is over 25 years old.

Our beach litter data has led to the single-use carrier bag charges, bans on micro-beads in personal care products, stricter regulations for wet wipes, and evidence that a Deposit Return Scheme for drinks bottles and cans is a necessity.

Our Good Fish Guide on web, phone app and pocket version help consumers make the most sustainable seafood choices.

We have been instrumental in achieving the creation of Marine Protected Areas in many areas of UK seas.”

Photography by MCS

Photography by MCS


Ditch your single-use plastic life with these MCS Top Tips:

Take a reusable water bottle and coffee cup with you everywhere you go.

Pack food in re-usable tubs – cut out the clingfilm.

Choose clothes that are 100% natural. Our modern, lightweight clothes invariably contain plastic threads which shred into microfibers with every wear and wash.

Pick pizza in cardboard as opposed to more exotic take-outs served in lidded plastic containers.

Avoid ready prepared baby and dog food in single-use pouches.

Replace your shower gels and shampoo bottles with bars and use toothpaste in a tin with a bamboo brush.

Wet wipes are handy but check their content and never use ones containing plastic, and NEVER flush wipes down the loo.

Visit the MCS online shop for more single-use plastic free ideas:

Or join us as a member


Jack Carter is one of Ohh Deer’s hardworking in-house designers. With his background in Greeting Cards, Jack has built a portfolio of playful and top selling designs. Let’s chat with the man behind this illustrated box!


What is it like working in-house for such a unique brand?

It’s great! It’s really nice working with friends - it makes you work harder because you respect each other and I think we get great results because of that.

Would you recommend working in-house or freelance work?

Ooh tough one, I think both have their pros and cons. I think it depends on the person and what is right for them at the time. I was planning to go freelance after my last job but working at Ohh Deer was just too exciting to miss out on.

What’s your background?

My way into the design industry wasn’t the route a lot of people take. I always loved drawing and creating so I studied it at college but didn’t end up going to university. Instead, I decided to start a business with my sister designing and selling greeting cards. We ending up doing quite well, selling into major retailers and all that. Then a few years later, another card company took on our brand who also employed me! It wasn’t a perfect match for me at the time so I decided to look for something new (this is where Ohh Deer comes in).

I always had respect for Ohh Deer and thought my style/taste would be well suited, luckily the time I was looking was when the perfect job popped up, so I applied and here I am today!

“I decided to start a business with my sister, designing and selling greeting cards.”

Where do you take influence from?

I used to buy loads of different books on design and just look at all the pictures which just made me want to draw. I think we are really lucky because we can access information instantly though our phones or tablets!

I get most inspired seeing work in galleries and I find great joy in other peoples work, in fact I get more joy out of other peoples work than my own.

I’m a big fan of blocks of colour and art that tells a story.

How do you go about creating your illustrations? Do you go directly into programs like Photoshop or do you start with a good old pen and paper?

I used to always use inks, pens and chalks then scan it in and use the Adobe programs to finish them off. Now, the technology is so good that I use my iPad Pro a lot. It’s amazing and well worth the investment.

“Now, the technology is so good that I use my iPad Pro a lot. It’s amazing and well worth the investment.”

We’ve had a sneak peak into your work space. Does it always look this neat and tidy or have you had a cheeky spring clean?!

Shhh, don’t tell anyone but it rarely looks that neat! You’ve got to make an effort for a photo!


Professionally, what’s your goal? What direction would you like to see your work going in the future?

Professionally my goal is to keep working for an exciting company that has great ideas and produces great products - and to have my work on those products!

Do you have any advice for illustrators and designers that might be starting out in the industry?

I’d say keep trying new styles. Keep drawing and get your work out there! Don’t get too disheartened if you don’t get tonnes of ‘likes’ right away, there’s a lot of people in the world with a lot of different tastes! It’s finding the audience that’s right for you. Work hard and make sure you enjoy it first!

Finally, what does designing this box mean to you?

It’s great creating work that has meaning. I’ve always loved watching nature documentaries, so it’s fab to work with a charity that encompasses something close to my heart.

Thanks Jack!

Find Jack on Instagram @jackcarter_draws


Our Papergang box for June is in support of the Marine Conservation Society, with £1 from each box going directly to the charity. This box is jam packed with stationery featuring underwater goodness and all for £10.95 - delivered straight to your door. Get your Papergang Subscription Box now or click the button below!

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