People Took This 'Draw A Duck' Challenge To The Extreme

People Took This 'Draw A Duck' Challenge To The Extreme

Someone from the Facebook page ‘Smol Animol Memes’ posted an innocuous template to draw a duck and, as always with the internet, people took it to the extreme.

Descending upon the comments like a swarm of ravenous ducks onto a loaf of bread (but don’t feed ducks bread), people submitted their designs. Ranging from the weird and wacky to the downright impressive, here’s but a small sample of just how far people’s imagination can stretch. Some of these will really make you wonder what the duck they were thinking…

The Original Post

Original Post

And the rest…

rambo duck.jpg
anime duck.jpg
snek duck.jpg
abomination duck.jpg
bath duck.jpg
big duck.jpg
Bob Ross duck.jpg
definitely a duck.jpg
blob duck.jpg
duck stranding.jpg
duck and sickle.jpg
gardner duck man.jpg
instructions werent clear duck.jpg
joker duck.jpg
not a duck duck.jpg
Peace was never an option duck.jpg
perfect duck.jpg
revenge duck.jpg
sad duck.jpg
scary duck.jpg
skeleton duck.jpg
Stong duck.jpg
sultry duck.jpg
Texas Ducksaw Massacre.jpg
very strong small pp duck.jpg
will quack duck.jpg

Out of the thousands of comments, this sample doesn’t even scratch the surface. If you want to check out more of these hilarious duck drawings, you can find the original post over on the ‘Smol Animol Memes’ Facebook page.

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